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Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to make contact and we make a mutually agreeable time for an initial consultation.

We determine how much you want me to be involved in the process and together decide if a fixed fee package or hourly rate service is best for what you’re trying to achieve.

We sit down and discuss your project in detail, which takes about an hour. I listen to understand what you’re trying to achieve and where I can add the most value. We discuss things such as how you want the space to work, how you use the space, the target audience (who will use it), what’s important for you, what the long term plan is to ensure you don’t over capitalise, the feeling you’re trying to create, areas of priority as well as budget and timing.

The initial consultation is your opportunity to meet with me personally and ask as many questions as you like. I view the first meeting as a two way dialogue to engage with each other and understand requirements, along with you obtaining lots of ideas and advice.

We also discuss how best to utilise my services and how best I can get involved in terms of how little or how much involvement you require. I am very flexible in my how I work with clients so there are always options.

Each project is different. Depending on the scope of the project and how best you want to utilise my services, will depend on the fee structure.

Flexibility is key and I’m able to work in many different ways to ensure you receive maximum value.

Based on consultation with you, we can agree on a fixed fee structure for the project, or work on an hourly fee basis.

This is something we discuss in the initial consultation, to ascertain where and how I can add the most value. I will provide an estimate of how much time would be involved based on the scope of the project.

We are based in Bayside, Melbourne, Victoria however we cover metropolitan Melbourne and beyond.

I have the ability to work with different styles and blend them together where required, to inject the personality of the owner’s and to meet the required outcome for the project.

With a track record in residential building projects, I know and understand what’s  required to make the job seamless and stress free. I’m able to assist with the big decisions (and little ones) by providing you with the knowledge you need to make the right choices about materials, fittings and fixtures, and take the stress away. It’s all pulled together for you so you know the end result is going to look amazing, but work for you too.

Having a network of supplier contacts across a broad budget range means that I pull together a scheme that is unique for you, and not defined by one brand or supplier.

I have an approachable style and am focused on my clients being happy with the end result.