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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the process for engaging the services of White Pebble Interiors?

The first step is to make contact and discuss your requirements in a little more detail to see if we can help you.

Most clients opt to proceed with an initial consultation, which is a 1.5 hour meeting that is tailored to what will provide you with the most valuable information to move your project forward and cover your most pressing questions. The initial consultation is a meeting where your White Pebbles Interior Designer is consulting with you, and not ‘selling our business’ so we do charge for our time, which is $350 incl. GST.

After the initial consultation, if you feel you would like to engage our services further, we have a range of fixed price packages to suit a wide range of interior design and decorating services, starting at only $500 incl. GST.


2. What happens in the initial consultation?

We sit down and discuss your project in detail either at your home, on site, or via Skype (depending on the location). This allows us to understand what you’re trying to achieve and where we can add the most value. It may be about floor plans, or space planning, colour schemes, or you want information about the best materials to use or how to decorate a space.

We discuss the most important areas you want to cover, where you can ask as many questions as you like. It’s a two way dialogue where you’re obtaining plenty of advice, and we can get through a lot in 1.5 hours!

The initial consultation is a meeting where your White Pebbles Interior Designer is consulting and providing recommendations, so we’re not there to ‘sell our business’, so we do charge for our time, which is $350 incl. GST. There is no obligation to commit to any further services with us after the initial consultation.

You may find the initial consultation is sufficient for you to proceed with your project on your own, but it’s also an opportunity for you to meet us to see if you’re comfortable that we’re the right team to work with you if you do find you need additional assistance after the initial consultation.


3. Do you work on an hourly rate or fixed price fee structure?

Each project is different. Depending on the scope of the project and how best you want to utilise my services, will depend on the fee structure.

We have a range of fixed price packages available starting from as little as $500. If one of our packages is not completely suitable, we can customise something for you.

Payment plans are also available on many of our packages.


4. How will I know which package would be best for me?

Your designer will set up a time with you and ask lots of questions about your project, where you need the most assistance, what things you may want to do yourself and so forth. From there they will make a recommendation and go through pricing and next steps.


5. Can I source things myself?

Absolutely, if that’s what you’d prefer. You will even receive information on where you can buy particular items.


6. What areas do you work in?

We are based in Bayside, Melbourne, however we have clients all over Australia.


7. What will an interior designer give me that I can’t do myself?

The most common challenge people face is knowing how to pull their own style together, visualising and being confident about their selections, or even knowing what will go with what. The thought of going into a tile shop and contemplating what will work together can be incredibly daunting!

The overwhelming choice available and how to pull it all together can be really stressful. You may know what you like, but get confused with the amount of selections available. Enter an interior designer that can assist with all it and remove the headache, along with creating a reduced amount of selections that meet your brief. They also save you heaps of time as you don’t need to run around to a plethora of different suppliers!

A designer starts with the purpose, before even thinking about colours, and works out a solution in making the space functional, meet the requirements of the people living there, and then pull it all together in a cohesive way so that it will not only look amazing but be functional and practical too.

Designers know where to go for the best items to suit your style and budget. We have access to suppliers that the general public can’t access and can often obtain interior designer discount. We provide advice on materials, fittings and fixtures and why one may be better suited to your needs over another.

Good design is about maximising functionality, creating flow, meeting budget and creating an aesthetic that appeals to the owners!

To find out more about how an interior designer can mitigate mistakes on your project, see our blog.


8. Why choose White Pebble Interiors?

We are ‘Forever Home’ specialists, with the founder of White Pebble Interiors, having renovated and built many homes herself, both her and overseas. She has also written a book, ‘Your Forever Home’ to guide people through the process, so it’s in our blood!

We cover the full suite of interior design services, so can help you build your dream home, right down to decorating and styling too.

We pride ourselves on being a down-to-earth interior design studio that believes in a home reflecting your life story, rather than being a cooker cutter replica of everyone else’s. We believe in a home that functionally works, yet also meets your aesthetic dreams.

We are passionate about sustainability and how sustainable choices can make a big difference to the comfort of your home. We believe in re-using, re-purposing and upcycling rather than buying into a ‘fast fashion’ interiors mindset. Buying good quality design stands the test of time, which is a great sustainable story in its own right.

Our values are based on our down to earth attitude, our honesty, authenticity, integrity, reliability and trust. Have a chat to us, and how this rings true.

To find out what people have thought about us and our work see our testimonials.

The first step is to make contact and we make a mutually agreeable time for an initial consultation.

We determine how much you want me to be involved in the process and together decide if a fixed fee package or hourly rate service is best for what you’re trying to achieve.

We sit down and discuss your project in detail, which takes about an hour. I listen to understand what you’re trying to achieve and where I can add the most value. We discuss things such as how you want the space to work, how you use the space, the target audience (who will use it), what’s important for you, what the long term plan is to ensure you don’t over capitalise, the feeling you’re trying to create, areas of priority as well as budget and timing.

The initial consultation is your opportunity to meet with me personally and ask as many questions as you like. I view the first meeting as a two way dialogue to engage with each other and understand requirements, along with you obtaining lots of ideas and advice.

We also discuss how best to utilise my services and how best I can get involved in terms of how little or how much involvement you require. I am very flexible in my how I work with clients so there are always options.

Each project is different. Depending on the scope of the project and how best you want to utilise my services, will depend on the fee structure.

Flexibility is key and I’m able to work in many different ways to ensure you receive maximum value.

Based on consultation with you, we can agree on a fixed fee structure for the project, or work on an hourly fee basis.

This is something we discuss in the initial consultation, to ascertain where and how I can add the most value. I will provide an estimate of how much time would be involved based on the scope of the project.

We are based in Bayside, Melbourne, Victoria however we cover metropolitan Melbourne and beyond.

I have the ability to work with different styles and blend them together where required, to inject the personality of the owner’s and to meet the required outcome for the project.

With a track record in residential building projects, I know and understand what’s  required to make the job seamless and stress free. I’m able to assist with the big decisions (and little ones) by providing you with the knowledge you need to make the right choices about materials, fittings and fixtures, and take the stress away. It’s all pulled together for you so you know the end result is going to look amazing, but work for you too.

Having a network of supplier contacts across a broad budget range means that I pull together a scheme that is unique for you, and not defined by one brand or supplier.

I have an approachable style and am focused on my clients being happy with the end result.