E144 – Guest on ‘Show me the Money’ Podcast: Curating Space: How Your Environment Shapes, Soothes, Holds and Tells your Tale.

As the guest in this podcast episode, Frances shares how she creates meaning, presence, and memories in a home and shares her passion for helping clients to create their Forever Home™. She outlines how she started her business, why she does what she does and the things she’s passionate about.


[01:13] About this week’s podcast

[04:46] What is a Forever Home™

[05:31] Our space influences our outputs

[07:39] How Frances curates a home

[11:56] Curating spaces

[13:56] Letting go of things

[15:09] Favourite spaces Frances has curated over the years

[16:31] How is the Interior Design industry changing

[18:35] Frances’ greatest achievements

[19:58] Frances’ biggest challenges

[21:31] Frances’ greatest joys

[23:02] Keeping things balanced


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