E145 – How to Design a Cosy Home

Learn how to create a cosy home with Frances’ top tips on how to layer, create texture and make a space feel relaxing and yours to come home to.

Winter is a perfect time to create a different look and feel in your home, with top tips on how to do it in this episode.


  • Creating a Cosy Home in Winter:
    • Importance of feeling cocooned and comfortable during winter months.
    • Personal experiences and strategies for designing a cosy home.
    • Use of thicker textures and deeper colours during winter.
    • Incorporating woollen throws and other soft furnishings.
    • Benefits of adding layers through rugs, throws, and scatter cushions.
  • Design Tips for Cosiness:
    • Emphasis on injecting personal style into home décor.
    • Use of varied textures (wool, cotton, faux fur) for comfort.
    • Practicality and aesthetic value of scatter cushions.
    • Role of curtains in creating a cosy atmosphere.
    • Choosing fabrics like velvet for durability and luxury.
  • Decorating Techniques:
    • Importance of balancing heights and scale in décor.
    • Tips for creating visually appealing vignettes and shelf décor.
    • Advice on mixing patterns and textures effectively.
    • Inspiration from design expert Tricia Guild on bold florals.
    • Rearranging art and décor to refresh room ambiance.
  • Functional Spaces:
    • Benefits of decluttering and organising functional spaces.
    • Personal experience with decluttering the laundry area.
    • Strategies for donating or selling excess items.
    • Impact of clear surfaces on home functionality and aesthetics.
  • Encouragement and Conclusion:
    • Encouragement to listeners to experiment with décor.
    • Invitation to share their own décor transformations.
    • Mention of the podcast’s magazine for further inspiration.
    • Offer of professional assistance for complex décor projects.

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