Trends for 2018 – Part 1


The end of July saw one of the largest Australian interior design trade shows hit Melbourne  – Décor and Design. Not only did I get the opportunity to present on the main stage to other peers about Implementing Sustainability into Design, but I got to hear from some other fabulous speakers, one being David Hicks (plus others!). More about him later.

Over the next few blogs I’m going to share some of the key trends for 2018, so watch this space!

What trends are in store for 2018?

In a session held by trend forecasters, Scarlet Opus from the UK, three key macro trends were presented for 2018. I’ll outline one of them here today, and cover the others off in the coming weeks.

The Winter Desert theme

This trend embraces exotic lands and a harmonious blend of cultures. Think colours in spice tones, rich garnet, burgundy, oxblood and malakite (rich green toned teal). The trend is all about things not being perfect, items worn through love and materials showing age and being weathered. Or items that have been oxidised and eroded.

Colours represented in the Winter Desert theme

Materials coming through in this trend are agate, darker tones of marble, natural metals, and darker tones of timber. There is a move away from blonde timbers and copper. Warm metallics such as bronze and brass are coming to the fore.

So back to David Hicks!

Seeing David present his work to a ‘full house’ seminar was really inspiring. What I absolutely love about David’s approach to design is how he mixes the most opposing styles and makes them blend so seamlessly. His main influence, and love is Modernism and Brutalism (a man after my own heart in the architecture world), and yet what may appear to be totally minimalist from the outside, becomes a treasure for the eyes. He aptly described it as ‘it’s like unwrapping a present’.

He uses antiques, classic style columns and roman busts mixed with 50’s and modern pieces to create such rich and interesting interiors.

He is no doubt one of Australia’s best, and I walked away from his talk feeling that I resonated with his style of mixing things we love, and blending old with new to create bespoke interiors that are interesting and stylish.

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