Ready to build or renovate? White Pebble Interiors can work with you to create your ‘Forever Home’ and craft interiors solutions that flexibly adapt to your changing needs. 

White Pebble Interiors specialise in creating ‘Forever Homes’ that use minimal energy to provide comfortable spaces to live and work in. We challenge the status quo to create the best solutions possible and pride ourselves on ensuring our clients homes are designed in a way that is ‘future proofed’ and flexible for changing family needs.

With over 15 years experience in building and renovating for our clients, and for ourselves, we have first-hand experience to work with our clients throughout the whole design and building process, so clients are completely planned and prepared. White Pebble Interiors has been in operation since 2010 creating Forever Homes for families with an emphasis on sustainability.

With our friendly, approachable and down-to-earth style, we cater to a broad range of individuals and families, who may not have even considered an interior designer in the past.

We’re not about pretentiousness. We’re about creating beautiful, functional Forever Homes.


Before you build or renovate, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you want your home to look like. You are probably also finding it hard to figure out how to create a property that’s functional, practical, looks good and will keep ‘working’ for you as your family grows and changes. 

We’ll help you visualise which solutions are right for your home, including the flexibility and functionality you will need now and the potential to adapt to your needs in the years to come. 

White Pebble Interiors was created to help you create a home that truly reflects your lifestyle and your personality. We guide you through the process of building or renovating by sanity-checking your floor plans, maximising energy efficiencies and using sustainable principles where we can.

Using our extensive expertise, we can show you clever options for creating your home which will reduce the stress and overwhelm of not knowing where to start or how to pull everything together.  

To make the new build or renovation process easier, we can source and recommend materials, fittings and fixtures. You can also contact us to review space planning and flow, and finally, decorate your home just the way you like it. Choose from our extensive list of service options and get the support you need to create your Forever Home.

We’re not about creating showhomes, but functional, beautiful homes that reflect who you are, and completely suit your needs for the long term. We call them ‘Forever Homes’.


Frances Cosway

As the principal of White Pebble Interiors, Frances Cosway is an award winning interior designer, published author and sought-after public speaker. Her unique style and influences were developed from working on interior design projects in Europe, where she lived for over a decade.

Combining her European experience, keen eye for influences and trends, and passion and flair for design, Frances selects and sources the perfect elements to create beautiful and functional spaces for modern living, reflective of every client’s personality and wishes.

Frances has appeared on Foxtel and Channel 9, and had media exposure in House and Garden, Inside Out, Home Design Magazine, Domain and Interiors Addict. She has published a book, ‘Your Forever Home’ and presented at dozens of national conferences. Frances has helped hundreds of homeowners to turn their vision for a practical, stylish and comfortable home into a reality.

Frances is also the proud Winner of the Bayside Business Excellence Awards and recipient of the Best of Houzz for Service 2019.

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Fabieli Fontana

Interior Designer
Our Interior Designer, Fabieli is passionate about interior designing and its impact on people and the surrounding environment.

The thing she loves the most about interior design is to help people in making their dreams come true and be able to deliver the best experience during the whole process.
In her spare time, she travels to different places, getting to know the aspects of different cultures and enjoy photography as well.


Michaela Pidor

Digital Marketing Assistant
Our Digital Marketing Assistant Michaela, is the one making sure you’re kept up to date on all our Masterclasses, Webinars and Articles. She is passionate about communicating with our clients, ensuring that we are updating them with new information to help them create their Forever Home.
Michaela loves embracing new technologies and keeps the team abreast of the latest online tools, also ensuring to keep things simple and easy for our clients.
In her spare time, Michaela is passionate about exploring new places and always planning where to go next. She loves beauty and fashion so you’ll regularly find her at home flipping an old dress.


Now and in the future, we aim to help our clients blend design, functionality, sustainability and energy efficiency to create a home of distinction.

We want your home to be a haven, not a showhome,  and we work closely with you to help you create a home you love.



We challenge the status quo to create the best solutions possible.

With a focus on getting the design right internally and externally, we create custom designs that are unique to those who will enjoy the spaces created.

We aim for our ‘Forever Homes’ and buildings to use minimal energy to create comfortable spaces to live  and work in. 



We believe in honesty and trust and ensure our systems are there to back us every step of the way. 

Our reputation is based on the best outcome for the client, through relationships founded on integrity, honesty and flexibility. 

Trust, accountability,  and education are important to us when it comes to delivering quality service and results. 



You can expect down-to-earth, friendly service from Frances and the team at White Pebble Interiors. We pride ourselves on being approachable, honest and fun so everyone has a great experience. 

When working with you on your Forever Home, our goal is to listen and then assist you with putting your ‘own stamp’ on your property so it reflects your personality and style. This often means working with what you have, and even incorporating treasured pieces into the design. The results we’re aiming for are cohesive, beautiful and functional, giving you an outcome you’re completely satisfied with. 


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