Many people make the mistake of believing an interior designer’s main purpose is to select colour schemes and furniture. 

In fact, your interior designer should be involved from the initial planning stage so they can ensure your home is comfortable, functional and makes use of your home’s orientation and available space. 

Designers with a difference

White Pebble Interiors are thorough, highly experienced and committed to your success. 

We like to get involved early so we can get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of your build or renovation project. With us on your side, so many important decisions can be made early, right down to things like hardwiring for blinds, built-in pelmets… the list goes on! 

Contact us early so you can avoid expensive retro-fitting or be stuck with oversights which cannot be fixed. 

These are the stages when our clients engage us. As we already mentioned… the earlier, the better! 

Before architect appointed

We’ll assist you with:

  • Finding the right architect, building designer or draftsperson, based on your objectives and requirements
  • Briefing them and other specialists (like landscaper)
  • Assessing which architect may be best suited to your needs.

Getting help at this early stage can ensure a smoother, easier project and help you avoid common building or renovation pitfalls. 

Floor plan stage

At this early stage, White Pebble Interiors will help with reviewing floor plans in our Floor Plan Sanity Check. 

We’ll assess for:

  • ‘Future Proofing’
  • Flexibility
  • Functionality
  • Space Planning and overall internal layout
  • Flow
  • Energy efficiency/savings
  • Zoning
  • Window location and sun management
  • Window treatments
  • Lighting and future proofing the lighting design

All these areas impact the outcome of how your home will function and flow, and be adaptable to your future needs.

Material Specifications stage

Specifying materials, fittings and fixtures can be completely overwhelming. There are so many options out there and without a great deal of experience it is impossible to know what works and whether or not you’re making the right decisions.

At this stage, White Pebble Interiors will assist with: 

  • Sourcing and selecting all the materials, fittings and fixtures
  • Presenting back complete design schemes for you of cabinetry, splashbacks, tiles and benchtops – and showing you how it all comes together into a cohesive scheme.
  • Focus on functionality and durability, while also meeting your aesthetic aspirations, and meeting the budget
  • Providing insight into different material types and what will be best to meet your requirements.
  • Sourcing sanitary items, tapware, basins, sinks and the like.
  • Sourcing details such door hardware, handles and decorative lighting.
  • Guiding you on where to spend and where to save.
  • Helping you choose paint colours, fireplaces, feature walls and wallpaper.
  • Full specifications documentation to complete tender documentation.

Kitchen and bathroom joinery

Your kitchen and bathrooms need to look incredible but also stand up to the test of time. 

Here’s how we’ll help:

  • Review working drawings and/or design joinery 
  • Complete a Kitchen ‘Deep Dive’ to design your kitchen around your storage, cleaning and cooking requirements.

Build stage

This is where the pressure can really mount. White Pebble Interiors can help you by:

  • Reviewing tender docs and builder’s contracts
  • Advising on options to save money.
  • Working with your builder and conducting site meetings to get the details right
  • Recommending tile layouts, lighting placement, finish details and so on.
  • Avoiding hiccups, talk the builder’s talk, and liaising with your builder.
  • Compiling complete defects reports on your behalf once build completed


Yes, the finishing touches are important too! We’ll bring our experienced eye to help you:

  • Complete the home once it’s built
  • Source furniture and accessories
  • Discover the right artwork and exactly where it should go
  • Choose lamps and rugs
  • Find decorator items and vignettes (including from what you already own)
  • Finalising the window coverings
  • Set everything up so you love your home!