If you’re thinking about renovating or building a new home to create your own ‘Forever Home’ – then we have you covered.
This is the perfect course to ensure you’re planned, prepared and informed, right from the outset, to create a home of your dreams.
Watch the video to find out what I cover in the course, and how it’s going to help you achieve your dream home.
This is not for those looking to do a house ‘on the cheap’ to quickly sell.
This is all about Forever Homes and having a home that reflects you.


I’m going to give you what I’ve been using with my clients for over 10 years, on countless builds and renovations.

This simple to follow course, will leave you feeling confident that you have all your ‘ducks lined up’ ready to go, armed with the information and resources you need to take the first steps in preparing for your Forever Home new build or renovation.

PLUS – you get access to the Exclusive Support Members Only Facebook Group, set up for Q&A.

How to Budget, including budget template

Understand the building process

Who to engage on your team and how to brief them

Assessing the site to ensure it will fulfil your Forever Home lifestyle

What you need to know before you start

Learn about FREE sustainable principles you can adopt


Assess your floorplans for flexibility and ‘Future Proof’ them

Understand timelines of all the elements from design to completion


20 Lessons and multiple downloadable resources

What to consider to Future Proof Home and why do it.

In this module you’ll learn why to future proof you home is the foundation for creating a Forever Home that will be adaptable as your family needs change.

What to consider before you build to make sure you get it right.

This module covers the foundations on preparing for your Forever Home – how to choose your ideal site/land, navigating local regulations, and assessing whether to renovate or build a new home.

Who to Engage and How to Brief Them

Having the right people on your team is critical to getting your Forever Home right. In this module you’ll get to understand who is important to have on your team, and how to comprehensively brief them so they know what to deliver for you. Plus we get into understanding your style

The process, timelines and budgeting

Now the fun begins! This module goes through the logical flow of the build process, plus timelines for your project. We also go through setting a realistic budget, with a template for you to start creating your own.

Sustainable Energy Efficiency Considerations

This modules provides you with a knowledge base around sustainable and energy efficiency measures and why to use them in your home. The information in this module will allow you to decide what measures you’d like in your home.

Key Tips in Understanding your Floorplan

In this module we reveal why the floorplan is king for your Forever Home. You’ll be able to assess floorplans with future proofing in mind. We’ll look into accessibility and spatial planning, so you’re assessing your home for multi generational living.

Downloadable resources, checklists and budget planner spreadsheet to use

Members Only Facebook Q&A Community Support where Frances answer your questions along the way.



When creating a Forever Home, you anticipate living in it for at least 10+ years.

Your mindset is different than if you’re just ‘flipping’ for re-sale, or not going to be there long.

Your requirements are really different too. You want quality workmanship, materials that will last and superior functionality and flexibility. Near enough is not good enough.

Your material choices, the floorplan, the fittings and fixtures – they all need to meet your specific requirements, and they need to work a lot harder than just ‘looking good’ for sale.

Let this 6 week course guide and arm you with what you need to know to embark on your Forever Home journey. Let’s share the journey together to make your Forever Home right for now, and for years to come.


Get inside the head of award winner designer Frances Cosway, and Founder of White Pebble Interiors, as she walks you through her proven step-by-step method to prepare you for building or renovating your Forever Home.

With over 10 years experience of working with clients creating their Forever Homes, she has now created a course to give you what she’s been using with her clients on countless builds for years. She’s got you covered.

Frances understands first-hand the overwhelm that can be felt when preparing for one of the biggest projects of your life (she’s built and renovated herself many times over, and helped hundreds of clients do the same).

Frances has appeared on Foxtel and Channel 9, and had her projects and articles printed in House and Garden, Inside Out, Home Design Magazine, Domain and Interiors Addict.

Frances has written a book called ‘Your Forever Home’ and has presented at dozens of national conferences. Frances has helped hundreds of homeowners to turn their vision for a practical, stylish and comfortable Forever Home into a reality.

Frances is also the proud Winner of the Bayside Business Excellence Awards 2019 and recipient of the Best of Houzz for Service 2019.

Frances created this course so you can focus on being able to put your own stamp on your home. In the course, Frances shares the steps to plan for your Forever Home. Your ideal land and orientation, location, home style, and she ensures you have ticked all the boxes on due diligence so there are no surprises.

Learn the foundations when planning for one of the biggest projects in your life – Your own Forever Home.

If you’re thinking about renovating or building a new home to create your own ‘Forever Home’ – then we have you covered.