Decorating for Winter

It’s that time of year again when we need extra layers, and it’s also when I feel like I need extra comfort in my living spaces.

I decided to incorporate a new colour scheme, dark teal, and combined it with pale pink in my lounge room. Teal has been my favourite colour for years. In London I had teal suits, shoes and handbags (in Europe it’s more known as Petrol though!). I purchased a dark teal Moroccan ottoman not that long ago, so it felt like the right direction to go for winter. As it happens, teal is incredibly popular right now, so I’ve been able to pick up some accessories in that colour too.

It’s an easy decorating update that anyone can do, so have a think about the colour you’re gravitating to right now, as that could just well be your winter colour of choice, that is going to make you feel cosy and want to stay inside watching your favourite film.

The other thing I did was wander around my garden, and collected foliage to bring inside for my vases. I cut some olive branches, some rosemary (the house smells great), along with some eucalyptus that I planted especially so I could pick it and bring it indoors. Gardens are a great resource for bringing the outdoors in, and greenery inside always create an aura of calm.

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