E128 – The Block – Design Goals and Commentary

Frances is watching The Block this season and viewing it with multiple lenses. In this episode she shares her observations about the 50’s theme, the impact sponsors have on material choices, following a brief for the right outcome, orientation, plus design meeting the target audience, and how different that is to a Forever Home™.


Frances is a guest speaker on Reality Talks, a new commentary show for The Block. She gives feedback on the outcomes of the home reveals from a designer’s perspective. 

The Block is a ‘renovation’ show, however that’s quite contentious in itself as the houses are pretty much unrecognisable as the cream brick 50’s houses that they started out as they may as well have knocked over and started again, but that’s not what The Block’s about. 

How much of an impact are the sponsors having on the materials that they can use 

  • There’s a lot of exterior renders of those properties that are Colorbond, and Colorbond is a sponsor. 
  • I think that’s also probably having an impact on the choices and the materials that have to be used internally as well. 

One of the houses had a great orientation (3 faced East, while 2 had north-facing back garden) 

  • When choosing their project home, no one took the orientation of their land into consideration, their choices were linked to the facade and what the existing floor plan is.  
  • A north-facing back garden orientation means all-day sun in your back garden.  

The Brief 

  • They have to hit the theme and meeting the brief 
  • It’s using our creative flair to make the brief, but it’s not about us pushing our design. 

The Bathroom Reveal Episode 

  • Liberty and Alexa – very open about “we have no idea what we’re doing”. I love their rawness; their honesty. And I’ve really loved what they created in that bathroom with the 60s tiles. 
  • Could’ve done better by not using that heavy style shower screen in their really simple and beautiful bathroom 
  • Mixing metals – if you’re having a colored metal: brass, bronze, copper, you need to get it all from the same manufacturer so that it’s not different shades of copper 
  • Copper is not going to be the same because the way it’s being produced is different. So you need to get all your accessories from the same manufacturer 
  • Barn-style sliding shower screen – far too much metal, didn’t work in so many of the bathrooms 
  • House Two’s Bathroom They used Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster/ tadaluct – waterproof, seamless, and stunning 
  • Too much dark grey, made it feel masculine but the client wants a light and bright bathroom 

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