E111 – Season Overview – Sustainable Homes and Living Season E1

Frances runs through what will be coming up in the Sustainability Season, highlighting some of her guests, as well as who the Season has been created for and what topics she’s going to be covering. 


What’s in store for you in this brand-new Sustainability Season? 

  • Conscious consuming and decluttering in a sustainable way.  
  • How to choose wisely and decipher from ‘Green wash’ products  
  • Choosing healthy products – selecting with allergies in mind  
  • What to tackle first when retrofitting energy efficiency into your home  
  • How I built a 7.3 energy rated house in 2014 – using passive house principles  
  • What’s a sustainable builder and how to choose one 
  • Windows and what you need to know when selecting them.  
  • Interiors and sustainability – from products to soft furnishings and decorating  
  • The difference between passive house and passive solar design   

Who’s it for? 

  • Anyone who is interested in creating a more sustainable living experience for themselves and their families. 
  • People who are curious about sustainability – what does it mean to them and their choices for themselves and their homes. 
  • Wanting to improve your knowledge base. 

A new episode will drop and be available every Thursday. 

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