Working from Home Design Consultation

Want to create an inspiring, productive and gorgeous workspace at home?

You don’t need a dedicated study or office to create a work home environment that you enjoy working from. The key is creating a space within your home where you are removed from distractions, and it’s also a place you love to go to!

We’re here to help with the online ‘Home Office Consultation’.

If you’re not sure how to create a beautiful environment to work from, we can create it for you.

It’s important (especially now) to have a space that motivates you and is a place of calm.

How does it work?

We conduct a meeting online via a video call (with Zoom) for a consultation that lasts about an hour.

During our online video call, we will assess and review the following, always making suggestions as we go;-

Review your current work space/room

Understand your requirements & how space needs to ideally work for you

Find best solution for your work-from-home space

Provide space planning and layout advice to make for a productive and effective work area

Provide advice on how to personalise your space and make it beautiful and really yours!

Suggest colours and other decorating elements to complete the space

Provide lighting solutions

Suggestions on where to buy what may be needed

After your consultation, you’ll have what you need to create a work environment that is not only ideal for being productive but is also a place you want to hang out in, as it’s so lovely!

All for only $197.

How do I get started?

Payment is made online with credit card or by direct debit.

You’ll receive an email from us to create a mutually convenient time for the video call

We have our online consultation

You have a productive and beautiful space to work from