Feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin?

Book an initial consultation to start the process of building your new home or renovating, or get one-off advice on finishing your home upgrade project.


What to expect

Our first meeting will take around 1.5 hours and can be held at your home, on-site or via a video call. 

During this time, our focus is on gaining a thorough understanding of your project to assess where we can add the most value. The types of issues discussed include:

A long-term plan for your space

Who will be using it

How you want the space to work

The type of atmosphere you’d like to create and how that can be achieved

Your budget and timings

Any anything else you may be want to cover – we’re flexible!

As well as getting to know the White Pebble team, and them you, the initial consultation also provides an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you like and gain loads of ideas, insights and advice. 

After your consultation, you’ll have a clear idea in mind of ways to move forward and next steps to get going. We’ll share innovative ideas for layouts and colour-schemes and whatever else you need advice on, that make complete sense to help achieve your goals. You’ll also get summary notes to keep after the meeting.

A one-off consultation or the start of an amazing partnership

Your first meeting with White Pebble Interiors may provide you with all the information you need to progress your project on your own.

However, based on our discussions, you may decide you’d like to engage our services further. From here, select from one of our service packages or we can agree on a tailored package that suits what you need. Click on the button to contact us about scheduling in a consultation.