Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Specialist

We’ve all heard the adage “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses” so it’s not surprising it’s these rooms that cause home owners the most stress when renovating. 

This package will give you the vision and support you need for a blissful kitchen and/or bathroom upgrade. 


Feeling Overwhelmed?

Searching through magazines and trawling the internet can be great for helping shape your vision. However, building kitchens and bathrooms that meet your specific functionality, durability and aesthetic needs involves so much more than compiling a library of images to show to tradespeople.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of decisions that need to be made when creating stylish, functional and durable kitchens and bathrooms. This can lead to selections that don’t work well together, don’t offer value for money or don’t function well for your lifestyle.

With our help, your kitchen and bathroom renovations will be far less stressful and the results will stand the test of time.

A Blissful Upgrade Experience

White Pebble Interiors’ Kitchen/Bathroom Bliss package was brought together for homeowners and renovators who:

Are only renovating a kitchen and/or 1 or 2 bathrooms, or are building a new home and only need assistance with these spaces.

Want help selecting the best materials, finishes, fixtures and colours to deliver the kitchen and bathrooms of your dreams within your budget.

Want complete peace of mind that the functionality of the spaces will meet your needs, while the aesthetic is just what you’re after, with everything working cohesively together.

Want to minimise the confusion of what goes with what or the overwhelm of not knowing where to source what you need at the best prices.

Want to save time by not reviewing dozens of suppliers trying to find all the materials required and becoming overwhelmed in the process.

Want assurance that your bathroom and kitchen plans and working drawings will meet your requirements by having another expert review and work through them with you.

Want someone to show you complete design schemes so you can see everything presented cohesively rather than trying to visualise individual items together.

What Your Package Includes

Design review

Material and colour scheme shortlist

Tile, cabinetry and benchtop shortlist

Specification document

Plus more (contact us for further details)