Is your home feeling dated but you don’t want a major renovation? You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with some select refurbishment and the help of an interiors expert. 


Just What’s Necessary

Whether you have a traditional dining room you’d like to modernise, children’s bedrooms which need updating to become teenage retreats or an old-fashioned bathroom you’d like upgraded, White Pebble Interiors can provide the right advice to ensure you get great value for money.

Our team will come up with clever ideas, innovative solutions and designs which bring new life to tired spaces. 

Do You Need a Mini Home Makeover?

White Pebble Interiors’ Mini Home Makeover is designed for when you:

Are not building or performing major renovations but want to update two or three areas of your home.

Want to minimise the confusion of what goes with what or the overwhelm of not knowing where to source what you need.

Want advice on how to seamlessly combine existing styles and furniture pieces in your home with new purchases and updated spaces.

Want complete peace of mind that the functionality of the spaces will meet your needs, while the aesthetic is just what you’re after, with everything working cohesively together.

Want unbiased information on the best materials and products available for your budget and guidance throughout the process so you feel in control.

Want to save time by not reviewing dozens of suppliers, trying to find all the materials required and becoming overwhelmed in the process.

Want assistance with decorating and styling to select the right finishing touches.

Want to have access to the best, often trade-only, suppliers to meet your budget and aesthetic requirements.

What Your Package Includes

Material specifications

Interior decorating shortlists

Window treatment recommendations

Sourcing of furniture, accessories and decorator items

Other sourcing and specification such as furniture, paint and feature walls

Plus more (contact us for further details)

Ready to complete a mini-home makeover without the hassle?

Book a free 15 minute call to discuss your project or request an initial consultation.