New Contact

  • First name and Last name are required fields. These shouldn’t be left blan
  • Project address is Street name only
  • Address is the # and St Name
  • Google the Zip code of Suburb and State if weren’t provided
  • Do not use City field
  • Lead Source – How the prospect found out about WPI
  • Lead Capture – how the prospect contacted WPI (call, email, dm, etc)
  • Date of Inquiry – Date when prospect contacted WPI
  • If lead scheduled for Book a Chat, the schedule of Book a Chat will be the date of inquiry
  • Cost of Lead – used in Houzz/ HiPages lead (that info is in the lead details on Houzz/HiPages website)
  • All contacts are tagged with “Nurture sequence” and “Events”. If the new contact is a prospect then add “Prospect” tag. If contact is already a client but not in the system yet, add “Client” tag. But you must not add both prospect & client tags for the same contact.
  • Use CTRL+tag when adding multiple tags
  • Project Details (for HIpages, OneFlare, Email, Website Contact Us form, and call leads) – this is for the project details / notes/ questions left by lead on HiPages/ OneFlare/ Email/ Website Contact Us form/ Call
More process details here.

After clicking submit, check Ontraport if contact has been successfully added. 

If contact is a prospect, check and process Deal card.

Further steps here.