Top 5 Tips for Renovating

  1. Spend money where it counts – hire an expert if you need to for advice on where best to splurge and where to save. There are plenty of ways to make things look amazing without breaking the bank. The trick is knowing what to spend your money on for the biggest impact.
  2. Never under-estimate how important the floorplan is – if your goal is to renovate to sell, make sure the floorplan suits your target audience and not what you want and like.
  3. Do the floors first – these are expensive & difficult to change, so work out your flooring first, including the colour, and work up from there.
  4. Paint is a cost effective way to create change without spending a lot. A space can have a totally different feel with an updated coat of paint. Crisp white woodwork always looks fresh and bright.
  5. Try to choose materials, finishes and colours that stand the test of time. Classic white kitchens are going to endure far longer than a fad colour, that you will also likely tire of more quickly. Bring your favourite colour palette into the equation by accessorising with it.

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