Top 5 tips for decorating on a budget

  1. Scatter cushions – the cheapest & fastest way to change colour & themes in a room. You can pick up some great cushions from Spotlight, Target and Adairs which work well for layering. Mix these with some special ones from more selective stores, or choose your own fabric and have them made.
  2. Flowers – they add colour and create a lovely feel and warmth to any home & needn’t be expensive. Grab some cuttings from the garden, even greenery in a vase can look amazing. Artificial flowers also work well, just make sure they are not too plastic looking.
  3. Paint – one of the most cost effective ways to create a new look in any home. Instead of a feature wall, try using a different colour to create a subtle contrast with the main wall colour. This may only be one or two shades darker, so is just a ‘tonal change’ and therefore not as severe as a traditional feature wall.
  4. Scout for homeware items – some of the larger discount stores such as Target are getting more savvy with their homewares, and the new H&M are selling homewares. Scout around regularly to see what they have to offer. A basic vase or scatter cushions from these stores teamed with more expensive pieces can still create a great collection. Even Megan Morton buys from $2 shops to mix with other items for her styling shots! Don’t forget op-shops can have some really good second hand finds too.
  5. Reupholster – instead of buying a new sofa or chairs, consider getting them reupholstered, particularly if you like the shape but it’s worn out or you need a change. Good quality furniture with updated fabric creates a new piece at a fraction of the cost. Even sofas with skirts can be remodelled to make them more contemporary. I always assess if a piece is good quality & could be reupholstered before recommending buying a new.

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