Top 5 tips for hanging artwork

  1. Avoid hanging in direct light – sunlight can fade photos & artwork really quickly, so hang out of direct sunlight – particularly harsh afternoon sunlight.
  2. Hang similar styles together – Bali artwork next to a Monet is not going to work well as they are such different styles. Group like types together for a cohesive effect.
  3. Think about framing styles – whether you want an eclectic mix of different frame styles mixed together, or prefer pictures to be hung all in the same frame style & colour. This forms your foundation.
  4. Photos grouped together – a photo wall is a great way to create a statement wall of your own art & lets you show off all your lovely family photos.
  5. Colour combinations – multiple artwork pieces in a room need to ‘talk’ to each other, so the colours from different pieces should compliment each other rather than clash & compete.

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