Top 5 tips for selecting a floor

  1. Budget – Always buy the best you can avoid. A floor is difficult to replace & generally one of the most costly items in your home. It has the most impact and sets the scene for the home.
  2. Tiles – Easy to clean & durable so ideal for family areas. There are a plethora of tiles to choose from these days, from a polished concrete & Moroccan tadelakt finish, to timber look & marble. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic & hardwearing.
  3. Carpet – Excellent for bedrooms where it’s lovely to step out of bed onto something soft. Never skimp on the underlay. It makes your carpet last longer and feel plusher underfoot. I always recommend Dunlop Ultimate.
  4. Timber – Creates a lovely warm look, however does involve maintenance as dents and scratches easily. A timber look tile could be an alternative for durability. Bamboo is sustainable & one of the hardest timbers around, so a great choice on many fronts.
  5. Linoleum – it’s making a great comeback and has come a long way since the ‘50’s. It’s soft underfoot, easy to clean & economical. These days ‘lino’ comes in fabulous colours, available to mimic marble, concrete, stone & tiles. Very economical to install, and can even go directly over tiles!

Floor Plan Sanity Check™ 

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