Trends for 2018 – Part 2


Following on from my previous blog where I spoke about predictions for 2018 trends, here I’ll outline the other areas that are coming to the fore in the upcoming year.

What trends are in store for 2018? – Part 2

Last time I covered off The Winter Desert theme, which focuses on rich tones and earthy shades.

The other two trends predicted for 2018 are called Roots & Urban Planet. I see a strong correlation between Roots and Winter Desert, as both have a heavy focus on natural products.


This trend that is all about eco thinking and using natural and composite materials. It has a strong connection to nature and honouring natural materials such as fossils, petrified timber, grasses, leaves and bark. Again, there is a strong emphasis on the use of sustainable materials.

Irregular patterns are popular in this trend, over geometric and structured lines. The blending of indoor and outdoor is a key focal point here, and fits perfectly into the Australian landscape and how we live our lives, which is focused on merging these two spaces together.

Colours we will see a lot more of are green in varying tones, but particularly camouflage, and earthy colours and tones. Fabrics such as velvet, tweed and cord along with and eco printing with indentations is a key foundation focal area, with rich textured fabrics coming to the fore.

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Colours coming through in the Roots Trend.
Image supplied by Scarlet Opus.

Material Trends as part of the Roots Theme.
Image supplied by Scarlet Opus.

Overall the trend of structure is making way for a more relaxed and natural style, embracing organic shapes and layering textures to create rich interiors full of interest, and the exotic creations of foreign lands.

Urban Planet

This trend is quite different to the other two in that it’s about the ultimate escape, simplicity and being pared back and edited. It’s about minimalism, sophistication and is super stylish. This trend is all elegance and glamour, with a strong architectural dimension.

Mixed metallics are strong in this theme too, with light gold and rose gold prominent. Interestingly, it was noted that copper is at its peak and will be declining. The use of extremes of light and darkness with dark marbles and shapes such as hexagons, octagons and prisms are also coming through in this trend.

Prominent colours are shimmering pinks, pale blue & light neutrals, along with teal (which was also prominent in Winter Desert).

Urban Planet Themes.
Image supplied by Scarlet Opus.

So, of the three, which trend will you be adopting as we slowly head into 2018?

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