What Clients are Wanting More of for Their Homes

As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, it is no surprise that we are seeing a shift in what clients are wanting for their homes. The focus on sustainability and energy efficiency is growing, and as a result, the design and material choices for homes are evolving. Our principle designer Frances, has observed some key changes in what her clients are asking for in their Forever Homes™. 

Australian Made Products 

One notable change is the emphasis on Australian Made products. Clients are asking for locally made products more than ever before, which may be a result of Covid-19’s impact on supply chains and lead times. This trend is great news for supporting local jobs and industry, while also reducing the emissions associated with transportation. 

Demand for Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Products 

Another significant trend is a demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. More clients are expressing a desire for products that have a positive impact on the environment, and and are paying closer attention to the materials used in these products. For instance, some clients are asking specifically for products that do not contain silica, a mineral associated with negative health impacts for workers during mining and manufacturing. This level of consideration for the impact of supply chains is encouraging and shows that consumers are becoming more conscious of their choices. 

Energy Consumption Concern 

There is also a growing concern for energy consumption, with many clients opting for purely electric homes, solar panels, and batteries to charge cars or as solar backups. This trend is likely driven by the increasing cost of energy and the global focus on reducing carbon emissions. 

“Healthy Homes” 

Clients are also asking for more natural products in their homes. This shift toward “healthy homes” is not just a desire for those with allergies but a growing concern for creating a better environment at home. Frances notes that clients are now expressly wanting products that are not only better for the environment but healthy for themselves and their families. 

Passive House Designs 

Passive house designs are growing in popularity.Built using the passive house principles these homes require very little energy to heat and cool, taking into consideration elements such as the orientation of the home, placement of windows and zones of the home. This focus on energy efficiency is leading to a demand for sustainable materials in the interior design of these homes. 

This home was built using Passive House Principles in-conjunction with Passivology Consultants, and is incredibly energy efficient, while also taking in its surrounds creating a wonderful sanctuary both inside and out. View more photos here

The trend toward sustainable and energy-efficient homes is a positive step towards a more environmentally conscious future. Clients are becoming more aware of the impact their choices have on the environment and are making conscious decisions to reduce their carbon footprint. By supporting Australian Made products, choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly products, and incorporating passive house principles, we can create homes that not only benefit ourselves but also the world around us.

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