Get Help Selecting All You Need For Your New Home

The prospect of building a new home or renovating seemed so exciting but now you’ve realised the enormous task ahead!

There are so many options for fittings, fixtures, lights and decor, plus you may have doubts about your floor plan and whether you have thought of everything. 

This packages from White Pebble Interiors will take the stress out of all those overwhelming decisions. 


Your New Home and Renovation Helpers

Don’t let yourself get bogged down in the details and end up spending more time and money than you need to on your new build or renovation. 

We take the stress out of narrowing down your selection list by listening to your needs, getting to know your style and suggesting options that work for you, both functionally and aesthetically.

Do You Need Our Whole Home Selection Package?

White Pebble Interiors’ Whole Home Selection  Package is designed for when you:

Have existing plans for a renovation or new build and would like a final ‘sanity check’ before signing them off.

Need to make all the selections for materials, fittings, fixtures and colours for your whole home but don’t want to do it alone for fear it won’t all come together properly.

Want to minimise the confusion of what goes with what or the overwhelm of not knowing where to source what you need.

Want complete peace of mind that the functionality of the home will meet your needs and that you’ll love living there.

Want unbiased information on the best materials and products available for your budget and guidance throughout the process so you feel in control.

Want to save time by not visiting dozens of suppliers trying to find all the materials required and becoming overwhelmed in the process.

Want to eliminate the worry of how it’s all going to come together by engaging the experts to do it for you.

Want to have access to the best, often trade-only, suppliers to meet your budget and aesthetic requirements.

Want someone to show you complete design schemes so you can see everything presented cohesively rather than trying to visualise individual items together.

What Your Package Includes

Floor plan and drawing reviews

Material and colour scheme shortlists

Sourcing options for tiles, cabinetry, benchtops, colours and more

Options for tapware, sinks, sanitary items and accessories

Liaison with your architect or draftsperson as required

Specification document

Plus more (contact us for further details)

Need help with the finer details and selecting the all you need for your home?

Book a free 15 minute call to discuss your project or request and initial consultation.