Your Forever Home- The Podcast

Join award winning interior designer, author and Forever Home expert, Frances, as she takes you on the journey to create the Forever Home of your dreams.

Frances will help you navigate all the big ticket items, and all the little details that get lost along with way when renovating or building a new home.

Focusing on sharing key information to ensure you’re planned and prepared for the journey, she’ll share how to ensure your home is functional, sustainable, durable, and aesthetically beautiful.

Guests will also join Frances to share their insight and expertise on various topics, so you’re getting well rounded information from a wide source of specialists.

Frances has helped hundreds of people create Forever Homes that are designed for their lifestyles and reflects who they are, and is super passionate about your getting your Forever Home right. She’s also built her home Forever Home, so she knows first hand what it takes, and what you need to know.

Share the journey, and let Frances guide you along the way.

Listen to New Episodes Here:
Episode 32: Kitchen Design Essentials – The Builder’s Insight

This Kitchen Design Essentials episode has special guest, Jeremy Gates from Gaia Construction chat with Frances about some of the key mistakes people make when embarking on creating a new kitchen – and not really understanding the impact of these decisions. Jeremy shares his vast experience as a carpenter and builder on how to avoid mistakes when designing your kitchen, and how a builder can really assist you meet expectations, if engaged early on in the process. A very insightful discussion for getting your kitchen right.

Episode 31: Forever Home LIVE- Styles - and how a brief determines the outcome

In this Forever Home Live, Frances discusses the outcome of projects and how they are determined by the brief for the designer. She chats about how the style created in a place is the outcome of the brief, and that as a designer, she may not necessarily like everything personally herself, but as long as it’s cohesive, has flow, and colours, tones and materials all relate to each other – this is the important part. And most importantly, the client loves it. She gives some examples of recent clients, and their briefs and how that will determine the outcome they create for the clients.

Episode 30: Kitchen Design Essentials -Kitchen Design Layouts and Location

Where your kitchen is located in the home, and getting the layout right is critical to good kitchen design. In this episode, Frances, and guest Interior Designer, Fabieli Fontana talk about the different locations of a kitchen in the home, along with different layouts and what some of the advantages and disadvantages are of each. An interesting discussion between two interior designers on optimum kitchen design!

Episode 29: Forever Home LIVE- Working from Home – how to create an ideal space

Frances recorded this Forever Home Live during the Covid 19 isolation period, when many people were working from home for long periods of time. She talks about what you can do to create a working from home space that is productive, personal and allow you to work in a happy environment. Lots of tips to allow you to carve out your own space!

Episode 28: Forever Home LIVE- Walk in Pantries – With or Without a Door

In this Forever Home Live, Frances outlines reasons why having a door on your walk in pantry is a good idea. She talks about the ideal door scenarios too!

Episode 27: Kitchen Design Essentials - How to Determine What You Need in Your Kitchen

What do you need to do before you start designing your dream kitchen? In this episode, as part of the Kitchen Design Essentials Season, Frances outlines how you determine what you need in your kitchen (rather than worrying about what everyone else has) and how to determine the what, how and where for your storage requirements, critical to the foundation of your overall kitchen design.

Frances also discusses the importance of your lifestyle, and your cooking requirements to really determine what you need in your kitchen and how you need it to work for you. Being the hub of many family homes, kitchens need to perform many roles, and be many things, so thinking about how you live and what you need out of your kitchen is critical to getting a design that works.

Episode 26: Forever Home LIVE: Tapwear colours – to use black or not

To black or not to black – that is the question often asked of interior designers regarding black tapwear and accessories. Will they date, and should you use them? Frances discusses this topic in this Forever Home Live, putting her view forward, along with industry experts she’s chatted with too. And if you do decide to use black – how to buy quality.

Episode 25: Forever Home LIVE- Rugs and How to Choose Them

In this FB Live Frances chats about rugs and how to choose them. She discusses the use of rugs to anchor a space, and creating a soft space to relax on. She outlines their other uses for noise mitigation, creating layers in your room and adding texture and colour.

Episode 24: Kitchen Design Essentials - Season Overview

Kitchen Design Essentials is a podcast series to provide all the information you need for your kitchen renovation, new kitchen or kitchen makeover.

Frances provides an overview of what to expect in this specialised Kitchen Design Season and outlines all the areas that will be covered in this multi episode podcast. All you need to know to complete your kitchen will be covered, from layout, design considerations, materials, lighting, storage, pantries, taps, sinks and appliances.

Episode 23: Forever Home LIVE- Storage in bathrooms

Storage in bathrooms cannot be overlooked. This Forever Home Lives goes through the importance of storage in bathrooms for them to function adequately. Bathrooms should not only look fabulous, but they need to work for us too. Frances runs through storage solutions for all bathrooms.

Episode 22: Forever Home LIVE – Choosing Taps and Bathroom Accessories

In this Forever Home Live, Frances chats about choosing tapwear, showers and bathroom accessories and how they need marry in with each other for a cohesive scheme. What taps are best for the kitchen and laundry and how they don’t need to match all the other taps in your home!

Episode 21: Choosing Carpets for your Home

Confused about all the different types of carpets available and how to select the right one? In this episode, Frances outlines different carpet types, from twist to plush to loop pile, along with carpet weights and fibres and how to choose one over another. Further, she chats through the important aspect of what colour carpet to choose, and dispels all the misnomers about having a dark carpet to hide stains.

Episode 20: Forever Home LIVE-Benchtops and the options

There are so many different options available when it comes to choosing benchtops for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. With new materials launching all the time. In this Forever Home Live Frances runs through the main considerations when selecting your benchtops.

Episode 19: Forever Home LIVE- Homebuilder Stimulus Package

Frances runs through the criteria and parameters around the Australian Government’s Home Builder Scheme, and who is eligible for the $25K grant.

She also discusses window splashbacks for above a stove. The likes and dislikes about this scenario.

Episode 18: Forever Home LIVE- Flooring and why it's so important

Why is flooring so important? In this Forever Home Live Frances discusses why choosing your floor first is critical to getting all your material choices right. Floors take up a lot of budget, cover a large area and need to work super hard, so get the low down on floors in this episode.

Episode 17: Forever Home LIVE - Sink in the Island Bench - to do or not to do

In this Forever Home Live Frances discusses the topic of a sink in your kitchen island bench and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of a sink in the bench. This episode will allow you to make an informed choice on which is the best option for you.

Episode 16: Toilets and what are the differences

Not the sexiest topic when it comes to interior design, but a necessity never-the-less! The episode covers the differences between toilet styles and types of toilets so you can decide on the important components and which type of toilet is the best for you. Not all toilets are the same, and Frances covers rimless, back to wall, hidden cistern and floating pan options.

Episode 15: Forever Home LIVE- Internal Spatial Planning

In This Forever Home Live Frances discusses the importance of spatial planning and how it affects other choices and selections in your home. She discussed the importance of conducting this at floorplan stage and the reason why.

Episode 14: Forever Home LIVE- Joinery Drawings and Why Do Them Early On

Don’t leave your joinery drawings until you’re part way through the build. Frances outlines why this is not ideal, and what you can achieve in completing internal elevations and joinery drawings before building. She outlines how you can save money, compromises you can avoid, and why you’ll get a much better result with them.

Episode 13: Choosing Colours for Your Home

Choosing internal and external paint colours for your home is not as easy as it seems. There are many factors to consider to ensure you get it right and asking an online forum is not the ideal method to getting the right colours for your home. Frances chats through what to consider to get it right and how not all colours are the same.

Episode 12: Forever Home LIVE- Trends for 2020

In this Forever Home live, Frances outlines her view on the top 3 trends for 2020 and what will be with us to stay.

Episode 11: Specialists for Your Forever Home

There are a number of specialists required to make your Forever Home a reality. In this episode Frances discusses key specialists she believes are required, and that they be engaged early on to maximise on their expertise. Rather than them working in silos, experts are able to add massive value to your overall Forever Home Master Plan.

Episode 10: Forever Home LIVE- Preliminaries and Timelines

In this Forever Home Live Frances outlines some of the preliminaries to consider when planning your Forever Home, and the timelines to allow for them. There is a lot to plan for in advance of getting your home designed, and this is discussed in this episode.

Episode 9: Forever Home LIVE-The Importance of Internal Doors

The importance of doors is often an overlooked element in home design as people strive for open plan living. In this Forever Home Live, Frances discusses the importance of doors and the many benefits they provide in for Forever Home design, including their purpose in different scenarios.

Episode 8:Who Is Frances Cosway?

Frances shares her personal journey of how she became an interior designer, along with sharing her passions, her design philosophy and her influences.

Episode 7: Forever Home LIVE- My Sustainable Forever Home

Frances built her own award winning sustainable Forever Home in 2014. Here she runs through what was done with her home to make it sustainable, comfortable and energy saving.

Episode 6: Forever Home LIVE- Interior Designer- The Right Fit

Frances chats about how connecting with your interior designer (and other specialists) on many levels is so critical to your project.

Episode 5: Forever Home LIVE- Future Proof your Home

Frances provides an overview of what to consider to Future Proof your home design so it can copy with multi-generational living.

Episode 4: Laundry Design Fundamentals

This episode runs through the essential elements required for a well designed family laundry. How functionality needs to combine with storage requirements. Laundry chutes are also discussed in terms of how essential they are!

Episode 3: Forever Home LIVE-Decorating While at Home

Frances chats about decorating quick fixes in this Facebook Live, discussing elements to incorporate into your home to give it a new lease of life. Things you already have at home, or won’t cost a fortune.

Episode 2: Forever Home LIVE- Floorplans

As part of the Forever Home Live series, in this broadcast, Frances discusses the importance of floorplans and what aspects can affect how your home adapts over the years.

Episode 1: What is a Forever Home

What makes a Forever Home different, and what is a Forever Home anyway? Frances discusses some of the key things that make a Forever Home different to any other home, and what important elements you need in your Forever Home, more than any other home.

Your Forever Home Podcast Overview

In this introductory episode we reveal what you will learn and benefit from listening in to the Your Forever Home Podcast. You will be planned, prepared and learn all there is to create the Forever Home of your dreams.