Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re renovating or building a new bathroom anytime soon, you may be interested in what’s coming up in bathroom trends in 2021. Even though I’m a strong believer in following your heart, and not following trends. However, sometimes, what you’ve loved for an eternity becomes more popular and it makes what you love more accessible.  

So what’s becoming important in 2021 for bathrooms? 

Less is more

Streamlined bathrooms, spa-style, is becoming increasingly becoming popular. Bared back materials for a  natural minimalistic approach.  To create the look, select floating, freestanding bathtubs and beautiful simple tapware.

Coloured Tapware

Rose gold may be over with, but more organic pared-back metals such as brushed nickel, living bronze and brass, along with gunmetal are big winners in bathrooms right now. They create a beautiful statement piece and contrast.

Sussex Taps


Indoor plants are just in, period. In every room of the home. However, in the bathroom, they are big winners as they create a sense of calm and love the humidity.  It’s an affordable “quick fix” bathroom makeover that can really transform the space.

Try plants on benchtops, window sills, bath niches, and stands or stools.

Remember though, select indoor plants that grow in moist environment such as  Devil’s Ivy, Spider plant or Orchid.

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