E121 – What Clients are Wanting More of – Sustainable Homes and Living Season E11

Frances outlines the changes she’s seeing in what clients and people are wanting for their homes. The shift in mindset and how this is impacting material choices, homes design and what’s important for people when creating their Forever Homes.

This this a summary of her observations with working with clients all over Australia, and how the sustainable and energy efficient movement is changing in a positive way.


In her latest episode of the Sustainable Season podcast, Frances highlights the changing demand for sustainable materials in the home building and design industry. People are increasingly asking for materials that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and durable. This shift in mindset towards sustainability is a response to growing concerns about the environmental impact of home construction and the long-term health effects of living in spaces that are not built with sustainable materials. 

Shift in mindset when it comes to sustainability: 

  • Emphasis on Australian-made products. 
    • clients are asking for Australian Made products more than ever before. 
    • This shift results to more support for local jobs and the local industry
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 
    • Clients are expressly wanting sustainable products for their new build/ renovation 
    • Clients care about the impact of materials. They think about the supply chain and how others may be impacted by their choices  
      • E.g. Silica – expressly asking for products that do not contain this ingredient so workers are not impacted negatively. 
    • Energy consumption of their home and how to save on energy costs 
    • More homes are shifting to purely electric – no gas being connected at all 
    • Increase in installing or provisioning for battery to charge cars or as a solar back up 
    • Increase of installation of ceiling fans that uses significantly uses less energy 
  • Healthy products 
    • Shift in becoming a ‘healthy home’ – used to be just a desire for those with allergies, but now it’s clients just wanting a better environment at home too. 
      • E.g. wool carpets over synthetic carpets, natural fibres for curtaining and  furniture (more linens, cottons and wool mixes being used), low VOC paints, products that do not use formaldehyde. 
  • Passive house and passive house principles 
    • More clients  are designing and building with passive house principles, so it follows on to use sustainable materials for the interiors too.  

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