E124 – Bathroom Layout Considerations

Frances shares her top tips on bathroom layout considerations and what to keep in mind for optimum functionality.


Frances will be on the Sydney Home Show 2023 on May 19th (3:00 PM) and May 20th (11:00 AM) to talk about Bathroom Blunders (and How to Avoid Them). 

Blunder: Layout Mistakes 

  • Ensure toilet is not the focal point  
  • Avoid the door opening to the toilet if possible
  • Tuck toilet to the side or behind a door   
  • Ensure an aesthetically pleasing focal point 
  • Ideally door should open to show the vanity  
  • Can also be a beautiful bath  
  • Separate main bathroom and powder room to avoid morning chaos! 
  • Create privacy by adding a nib wall or an additional door 

Remember a poor floorplan layout leads to poor design outcomes   

Useful links 

Bathroom Design Essential Series – https://www.whitepebbleinteriors.com.au/my-forever-home-podcast/ 

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