E127 – The Influence of Travel on Interiors

Having just come back from a 5 week European holiday, Frances discusses how travel can provide inspiration and influence on your interiors back home. Frances shares her key takeaways from each city she went to (London, Paris, Amsterdam and Baku) and what to notice and look for when you’re on holiday that can personalise your space at home.


Frances shares insights from her recent travels that can be used as inspiration and ideas for your home. 

Reflecting on her trip to Morocco in her late 20s: 

  • Geometric shapes in architecture, design and tiles  
  • Tadalat –A traditional lime plaster that is seamless andwaterproof, perfect for wet areas 
  • Brass basins and carved timber doors 

Reflecting on her recent five-week trip to four different countries:

Baku, Azerbaijan 

  • Simplicity of stonework 
  • Blend of new and old –there is no reason why antiques and heirloomscan’t be blended into your new home 
  • Artisan crafts are passed down from generation to generation 
  • Domed ceiling of handmade bricks, low lighting and beautiful parquetry timber floor 

London, England 

  • Combination between ancient and modern

Paris, France 

  • Buildings from 1600s, 1700s, or 1800s mixed with modern furniture 
  • An element of finessing is required to make sure these components work in terms of scale, tone and how the colours stand together 
  • Lighting (specifically the apartment that Frances stayed in Paris) No ceiling light – no downlights, no uplights, just lamps. The lamps were used in different contexts to create mood, as decoration or assist with a task. 
  • Biggest takeaway – how the French live. They don’t clutter up their spaces with stuff. It’s a really considered curation. Less is more


  • Slimline bricks, strong chocolate colour, different mortar colours in comparison to Australia 
  • Brickwork as a work of art itself 
  • Use of shipping container and simple materials 
  • Gabels and decorative items made of plaster 


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