E130 – Renovating your Forever Home Vs Renovating for Profit

Frances is joined by Peter Karaolganis from Presenting Homes Australia to discuss the different decisions made when renovating your Forever Home compared to renovating to flip and make a profit.

Peter and Frances discuss materials, build quality, flexible floorplans and multigenerational living for both types of renovations and how they differ.


[03:11] Frances introduces Peter

[04:51] Difference between renovating for a Forever Home™  and renovating for profit

[06:37] Floorplans when it comes to renovating

[10:33] Renovating to maximize return

[29:04] Renovating a kitchen

[33:51] How to make sure it’s going to be appropriate for the target audience

[50:53] Paint jobs

[55:13] Benchtop

[58:59] Difference in quality of build in a home to flip bs Forever Home

[01:07:10] Solar power, heat pumps

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Reality Talks – https://www.facebook.com/realitytalkstv

Presenting Homes Australia – https://www.presentinghomesaustralia.com.au/

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