E132 – Thermal Wrap Cabinetry – What You Need to Know

Frances outlines exactly what thermal wrap is in this episode, and why it’s a great product to consider for cabinetry in your home. With guests from Albedor Industries, she also delves into the myths surrounding thermal wrap, how it is made and the sustainability measures Albedor are undertaking to make a low VOC product.

A great episode if you’re wanting to understand cabinetry materials that could be used for your renovation or new home.


[03:09] Background on Albedor 

[05:18] What is Thermal Wrap/ Thermoform 

[09:34] History of Thermal Wrap when first introduced to Australia 

[12:13] Key advantages of Thermal Wrap 

[14:56] Design situations where Thermal Wrap is not the best choice  

[17:56] Truth about thermal wrap chipping 

[25:18] Warranty of Albedor’s thermal wrap 

[28:00] Sustainability measures 

[35:55] What makes Albedor’s thermoform different 

[44:15] Where to find out more about Albedor 

 Useful links: 

Albedor Industries website – http://www.albedor.com.au/ 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/albedor_industries 

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