E140 – Creating an Emotional Return (ROI) on your Forever Home™

In this insightful episode of the My Forever Home podcast, Frances delves into the concept of “Emotional ROI”. She explores the significance of emotional investment when creating a Forever Home™, emphasising its distinction from financial ROI typically associated with property development. Through personal anecdotes and client interactions, Frances outlines the importance of forging a deep emotional connection with design choices, materials, and the overall feeling the home you’re creating.  

With passion and expertise, she encourages everyone to prioritise the emotional return on their home, based on the time, money and effort involved to create it, making their home-building journey a deeply personal and fulfilling experience. 


[01:26] Emotional ROI 

[04:38] The emotional output you’re going to get at the end 

[05:36] The emotional connection you have with your home 

[10:08] Conclusion 

“When you’re building something and designing something for yourself, it cannot be anyone else’s footprint. It cannot be for anyone else.” 

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