Episode 105: Engaging Key Specialists for your renovation or new build

In this episode of My Forever Home, Frances outlines what she terms the ‘Key 4’ specialists you’ll need on your team for your renovation or new build.

She outlines the benefits of engaging your key team early on, along with how they can each save you money and lots of time, as well as mitigate expensive mistakes.

She outlines what each of them brings to the equation for a successful outcome for your home project.


Benefits of engaging with specialists and consultants

  • Engage with specialists at the right time so you get the most out of them and your outcome is more likely to be exactly how you want it to be. The earlier, the better.
  • More often than not, engaging with specialists allows you to save money. They are the experts who make suggestions you haven’t thought of. They can get the work done at the right time, maximising cost-efficiencies.
  • Specialists ensure elements are covered off to mitigate expensive retrofits – or worse, not being able to do what you want at all.

Expensive retrofit:

  • Not being able to get the work done at the right time, you have to redo the job
  • It creates a cohesive and integrated home because all the elements are working together (eg. Landscaping working in with the home design and vice versa). Look at the site as a whole.
  • Specialists work together for the best outcome of your home, rather than in individual silos.

4 Key Specialists

Architect/ Building Designer

  • Responsible for your Floorplan, exterior, style of building, and building specifications

Interior Designer

  • Responsible for all internal elevations, design drawings, kitchen design, bathroom design, materials (benchtop, cabinetry, splashback and tiles), colours and style, fittings, and fixtures (door handles, taps, bathroom accessories and etc), space planning & flow, lighting and window treatments.

Landscape Architect/Designer

  • Responsible for the visual aspect from indoors and the connection to outside, the cohesiveness with building, and functional spaces for outdoors (i.e veggie patch, pool or pond, fire pit, play area cubby house, chook shed, fruit trees, and shade provision)


  • Builds the home. He/she adds a lot more value if engaged early on rather than at tender stage:
    • Consult throughout design phase- Cost savings measures with design tweaks, highlight areas of difficulty, or alternatives for easier build/cost savings.
    • May have a key area of specialisation- i.e energy efficiency or passive house specialisation adding value to the overall outcome.

Sustainability Consultant – 5th specialist

  • Provides advice on how to save money through energy efficiency
  • Reviews designed to maximise cost savings, while creating a home that is comfortable to live in all year round, without relying on artificial heating or cooling
  • Looks at things in the home such as construction materials, glazing, airtightness, thermal bridges, heat recovery ventilators, insulation levels, shading required for windows

Other Consultants:

  • Engineers
  • Land Surveyors
  • Building Surveyors


Engage with your 4 key specialists from the outset. Know that you don’t have to implement everything straight away as there are things that can be provisioned for.

Available Resources:

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