Episode 2: My Forever Home LIVE- Floorplans

Your floorplan is one of the most essential aspects in creating your ‘Forever Home’. It’s worth spending time on the floorplan to make sure it’s working as hard as it can for you. Get it looked over by an expert for a ‘sanity check’ , measure out spaces, see how it can adapt.

A floorplan needs to be flexible so rooms can be more than one thing at any given time. Create rooms that are adaptable so they may have one purpose now, and be something else when your family needs change over time.

This is also the time to ensure your plans create maximum energy efficiencies as possible. Zoning for heating and cooling, cross ventilation, window orientation, type and sizes. Also think about noise mitigation, which is often forgotten about.


Available Services:
If you want to get a second opinion from an expert our ‘Floor Plan Sanity Check™’ may be the ideal service for you. If you’re in the process of drafting or finalising plans, the ‘Sanity Check provides for a second set of expert eyes to review your plans and ensure they will stand the test of time and be flexible when you require it. Once we get to know how your family lives, your key objectives and your personal style, we’ll review your plans for spatial flow, flexibility, functionality, adaptability and energy efficiency. We also look at noise mitigation, ensure you have proper space planning, flow and and idea of how all your furniture will be arranged.

Don’t forget that your floorplan is King. Once you’ve built, it’s very difficult to change the floorplan, so take the time to get it right.

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