Episode 4: Laundry Design Fundamentals

A laundry should be a functional and workable room that allows you to wash and store essential household items easily.

In this episode, Frances runs through the essential elements required for a well-designed family laundry. How functionality needs to combine with storage requirements. Laundry chutes are also discussed in terms of how essential they are!


Enough Space– A laundry should allow you to wash and dry clothing with ease. Having space for washing baskets, a decent sink for hand washing and the ability to dry clothes indoors.

Adequate Storage– A broom cupboard is essential for storing long items like an ironing board, broom or vacuum cleaner. Plus storage for linen is essential too.

Top Loader vs Front Loader
A front loader provides more flexibility in any laundry design. You can stack the washer and dryer, have more bench space, or have overhead cupboards. It frees up space so you can have essential items such as under bench washing baskets.

Overhead cupboards– To create additional storage adding overhead cupboards is essential. They are perfect for keeping detergents, medicines and shoe polish safe from small children

Drying in Winter– Think about how you may wish to dry clothes in winter if you are not wanting to use a dryer all the time Ideally, being able to dry clothes in the laundry is far better than in the lounge room! It may be on a clothes horse or a drawing rail. Having a drawing rail underneath your overhead cupboards, particularly for drip drying over the sink is also really useful.


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