Episode 5: Forever Home LIVE- Future Proof your Home

Frances provides an overview of what to consider to Future Proof your home design so it can copy with multi-generational living.


Future Proofing is essential in building your Forever Home as your needs will change as your family grows. To ensure your home can adapt to your changing needs over time, it means you need to think about how you ‘future proof’ the design so it meets your ever-changing needs. We want to make sure that the home that we are building is adaptable and flexible and that spaces and rooms can be more than one thing.

In this episode Frances go through 3 key areas to Future Proof your home design

Doors are under-rated in terms of what they can achieve in your home. It’s one of the key areas I am constantly adding in when completing a Floor Plan Sanity Check for clients. We love living in open plan spaces but we also need areas that can be cozy and intimate. Doors serves different purposes.

  • Privacy- Doors allows you to create privacy, for a study, bedroom, lounge, retreat area
  • Noise mitigation- Unwanted noise in your home can interfere with daily life, and your ability to feel relaxed. The use of doors prevents noise up and down and through your home . Noise mitigation is all too forgotten about until you move in!

Energy efficiency – Creating zones allows for energy efficiency, and the ability to close of certain rooms in a home, means unutilized areas are not heated or cooled unnecessarily. Multi-functional spaces. The problem with rooms not having doors is not being able to use that space for something else. Doors can be opened up to create an illusion of space whether it’s double cavity sliding doors or a hinge door which means your options of what that room can be used for are increased rather than just having one purpose.

Avoid built-in furniture such as desks etc, when the room could be converted into something else. This allows for maximum flexibility for rooms and spaces.


Future Proofing your Home 

A Quiet Life with Noise Mitigation 

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