Episode 53: Kitchen Design Essentials – Appliances – Part 1

In this episode of the Kitchen Design Essentials Season, Frances has guest Rob Sinclair, Managing Director of E&S Trading on the show to discuss buying criteria and performance for kitchen appliances. This episode focuses on Fridges,  Dishwashers and Ovens and Rob’s passion for appliances and buying with performance in mind, is wonderful to listen to. Join Frances as she chats with Rob and hears his amazing advice and knowledge on these key appliances for your kitchen.

Key Buying Criteria When Choosing your Kitchen Appliances

  • Understand your requirements – Understand your needs and requirements at home and then find an appliance that is going to deliver you the performance to the best of your budget.
  • Pedigree of Performance- Performance is crucial so find brands that have pedigree of performance or brands that specialise in a particular appliance.
  • Look at product service and ability to get parts and be fixed, after the sale
  • Reliability


Buying Criteria

  • Seek out quality brands- i.e Westinghouse, Fisher Paykel, Mitsubishi, Liebherr and Miele
  • Great refrigeration performance- good quality, temperature control and temperature settings
  • Food storage benefit- Freezer Vs Fresh Food
  • Consider how an integrated fridge compliments the overall aesthetic, and maybe crucial in smaller kitchens
  • Has great after sale service and accessibility to spare parts
  • Cost- Freestanding fridge costs between $1,600 to $2,000, while a fully integrated version costs between $4,500-$5,000.

Integrated Fridges

Integrated fridges can be expensive because of their unique style and coming from a specialty manufacturer. Integrated fridges can be easily replaced particularly Liebherr and Fisher Paykel,. as their fridge measurements have remained consistent over the years.

Fisher Paykel Cost-effective, bigger cabinet for an integrated refrigerator. Cost up to $4,500

Liebherr– German manufactured and a high-end integrated fridge, usually starts at $7,000

New features and technology coming out in fridges now – what can we expect

  • Samsung- It has a limited availability of spare parts which can prevent the product getting fixed.
  • Fisher Paykel- gives more rack positions inside the fresh food compartments

Humidity control and compartments for preservation of fresh food


Buying criteria

  • Choose a dishwasher that suits your needs
  • Stackability- Understand what it is you are putting in (i.e wineglasses, baking dishes, coffee cups and glasses, large plates, bigger colanders)

Organising – a Cutlery tray takes time, but it allows you to separate the cutlery out to wash them perfectly.  You can unload them faster out of the dishwasher too.

  • Wash performance
  • Drying
  • Noise – machines that are getting beneath 50 decibels are what you need to look for.
  • Flexibility – options to stack what is needed for that wash cycle
  • Size – extra large dishwashers- ideal for families who loves to entertain and cook regularly


Brands that have a pedigree in making great quality dishwashers

  • Bosch (Siemens, NEFF and Gaggenau)- Global player in manufacturing They provide a different aesthetic across the range
  • Miele – has great stacking flexibility
  • Asko – reliable and quiet
  • AEG – released the new ComfortLift dishwasher. If bending down to load and unload your dishes is a chore, the AEG ComfortLift has a lower basket that slides out and upwards.

Integrated, semi-integrated and freestanding

  • Integrated – Fits into the style of the rest of your kitchen cabinets in a seamless fashion. Price range is between $1,000- $3,000
  • Semi Integrated- Has a control panel at the top and an integrated door beneath it. Price range is between $1,500- $2,000
  • Free standing- An affordable option. You may be able to buy a Bosch freestanding dishwater at $800-$800

New Release

Miele’s G7000 dishwashers includes a circular pocket that holds and dispenses dishwashing  detergent automatically.

  • Less detergent to use
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Great wash performance

450mm Dishwasher

  • Space saver which is ideal for apartments or smaller homes
  • Can be less cost effective from around $1,400
  • Brand: Miele, Bosch and NEFF
  • Not as popular in Australia due to the cost


Buying Criteria

  • Lifestyle Requirement- Are you a big cook? Do you love to entertain? How do you want to ideally be able to bake?
  • Performance
  • If the budget allows – self-cleaning
  • Oven Capacity- Do you need two 600mm or 900mm wide
  • Good Accessories that comes with the brand- i.e biscuit trays or baking dishes – they are made to fit the appliance perfectly

Upright oven

  • 900mm wide giving you a bigger oven capacity and cooking surface
  • Cost effective- Ranges between $2,000- $5,000
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Depends also on aesthetic of kitchen. Can look more commercial in style.
  • Recommended brands: Westinghouse, Smeg, ILVE, Fisher Paykel and Falcon

Wall Ovens

  • Gives more flexibility- you can choose steamers, microwaves or a combination of both for the oven.
  • Having 2 ovens allows you to cook multiple dishes at once eg, dessert and main

Integrated Ovens (built-in)

  • Depending on the manufacturer, you can get an integrated ovens in 700, 800 and 900 cm wide.

Steam Ovens

  • Perfect for cooking vegetables, fish, and chicken fillets
  • Costs – around $2,000
  • Its large capacity enables it to be very gentle in the way it steams.
  • Gives so much flexibility in the kitchen- combination of steam, roast, steam roast or bake bread
  • The ability to control the style of cooking you want

Gas Ovens

  • The old models ovens doesn’t have a fan so you need to regulate the temperature
  • Ideal for bakers
  • Depends on what you are use to. Still popular.

Smaller Inside Vs Bigger Cavity

Manufacturer are catering to all types of cooking around the globe. They also make sure that the temperature in the bottom, middle and top shelf is all the same.

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