Episode 6: My Forever Home LIVE- Interior Designer- The Right Fit

Frances chats about how connecting with your interior designer (and other specialists) on many levels is so critical to your project.


Your home is the place that should reflect your personal style as it’s where you spend a lot of time, and where you should feel comfortable, without necessarily paying an arm and a leg.  Like anything that matters, finding the right interior designer and the right service requires some research.

In this podcast, Frances shares this helpful guide on finding an Interior Designer that’s right for you.


It’s important to have a connection with the people that will be working with you, be it your interior designer, architect or landscaper. You need to know if you relate to them and how they understand your requirements.

One way to know is by having an initial consultation to  give you an insight into how that person operates, how professional they may be, how they speak with you, and how they provide ideas and solutions. You get a feeling for them and if their personality and style is the right fit for you.


Many interior designers offer a range of services and pricing structures. You shouldn’t feel completed to sign up for an all-inclusive package if that doesn’t fit your requirements. A professional interior designer should be able to tailor  their expertise to fit with what you actually require.


Available Services:

Feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin? Book an initial consultation to start the process of building your new home or renovating, or get one-off advice on finishing your home upgrade project.

How to Find Your Renovation or New Build Team 

Starting a renovation or newbuild project? You’ll need to right team from the outset.  

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