Episode 63: Kitchen Design Essentials – Season Summary and Overview

In this episode, Frances provides a summary of each episode of the Kitchen Design Essentials Season and how each episode adds another dimension to your overall kitchen design and outcome. From budgets to materials, from flatpacks to splashbacks, she outlines all episodes, providing a handy reference on what will be the episode to listen to next as part of the season.


1 – Episode 24: Kitchen Design Essentials – Season Overview

Frances provided an overview of what’s in store for the season- giving you a good insight into what was covered in the series.

2 – Episode 27: Kitchen Design Essentials – How to Determine What You Need in Your Kitchen

This episode is about working out what you need in the kitchen.  Frances talked about the importance of doing a kitchen needs assessment- analysis of your lifestyle, type of cook, storage requirements and the number of people working into that space.  Ideally using the Clear Clarity Design Worksheet from the Beautiful Kitchen Design Made Easy course.

3- Episode 30: Kitchen Design Essentials -Kitchen Design Layouts and Location

Frances, and guest Interior Designer, Fabieli Fontana talked about Kitchen layouts and locations in the home.

  • Kitchen Layout and the advantages and disadvantages of each layout- U shape, Lineal, L shaped, Galley
  • The best location that brings in natural light

4 – Episode 32: Kitchen Design Essentials –The Builder’s insight

This Kitchen Design Essentials episode had special guest, Jeremy Gates from Gaia Construction, who provided the builder’s insight on mistakes people make when creating a new kitchen. He focused on setting a budget, and avoiding mistakes such as undercapitalising  being worse than overcapitalising by not utilising the space the best way possible. He felt homeowners esigning their kitchen was a mistake too as it held to a whole heap of issues.

5 – Episode 34: Kitchen Design Essentials – Key Kitchen Design Mistakes

This episode brings back our guest Fabieli Fontana, where she and Frances spoke about key kitchen design mistakes. They chat about experiences with clients and errors caught early enough to be reflect a better overall design- window placement, size & height, structural constraints.

6 – Episode 36: Kitchen Design Essentials – Benchtops part 1

Frances and her guest Laura Neville from Cosentino discussed the various products available from Cosentino, namely natural stone, reconstituted stone, and Dekton.

7 – Episode 38: Kitchen Design Essentials-Benchtop Criteria and Materials – Part 2

Frances talked about benchtop criteria in terms of you and your family’s needs. She also mentioned other benchtop materials such as timber, porcelain, recycled glass, stainless steel, paperock, concrete, laminate, and solid acrylic surface.

8 – Episode 39: Kitchen Design Essentials – Splashbacks

Being a self-confessed fan of splashbacks, Frances outlined several splashback materials including glass, stone, windows, mirror and porcelain, including her favourite – tiles. She also pointed out how splashbacks can determine the entire selection for your kitchen. Lastly, she talked about the considerations from a regulation perspective- gas or induction stove tops

9 – Episode 41: Kitchen Design Essentials – Cabinetry Materials

In this episode, Frances spoke about cabinetry materials and the advantages and disadvantages of each materials- 2Pac, thermal wrap, laminate, timber, and Dekton.  She also talked about kickers, sizes and material options.

10 – Episode 43: Kitchen Design Essentials – Flatpack Vs Custom Designed Kitchens

Frances walks through the differences between flat pack and custom designed kitchens. She shared considerations that you need to think about when choosing between flatpack and custom kitchens such as design and materials constraints,  constraints and possible compromises on layout.

11 – Episode 45: Kitchen Design Essentials – Internal Elevations & Joinery Design

In this episode, Frances discussed  Internal Elevations and Joinery Design and why it is important in your kitchen design, why it is worth the investment and what could go wrong if you don’t have them in terms of cost and design considerations.

She referenced the blog too  Why Internal Elevations are Critical for your Home, which you can read here.

12 – Episode 47: Kitchen Design Essentials – Key Kitchen Measurements

Frances outlined the key kitchen measurements to make sure that your kitchen is functional and workable. She ran through key metrics for kitchen planning such as gaps between rear-bench and island bench, the ideal length for island benches, depths of cupboards and other space considerations for fridges.

13 – Episode 49: Kitchen Design Essentials – Butler’s Pantries and Pantries

This episode talked about Butler’s pantries and pantries and the difference between the two. She also debunked the concept that pantries are critical in every home  and presented other options such as appliance cupboards, step-in pantries and pantry drawer systems

14 – Episode 51: Kitchen Design Essentials- Kitchen Taps and Sinks

In this episode, Frances and her podcast guest Trisha Narde from Reece Bathrooms talked about kitchen taps and sinks. They discussed the different types of sinks and taps available and buying considerations for both.  What makes a good quality tap and sink?  What makes a cost-effective tap and what are some of the issues that pose?

And if you planning to incorporate Billy and Zip taps in your kitchen, don’t miss this episode as Frances and Trisha gave an in-depth review about it. Lastly, they talked about the very controversial black tap and black sink.  Should you or shouldn’t you?

15 – Episode 53: Kitchen Design Essentials – Appliances – Part 1

We featured another guest in this episode- Rob Sinclair, the managing director of e&s Trading. This episode focused on fridge, dishwasher, oven or steam ovens, the buying criteria for each and great brands to look out for. He also suggested that when choosing appliances, it’s important to assess your needs, lifestyle and cooking requirement.

Rob and Frances also talked about integrated, semi and freestanding options for your appliances.

16 – Episode 54: Kitchen Design Essentials – Appliances Part 2

Part 2 of the Appliances Episode with Rob Sinclair talked about stove tops and rangehoods- the best range hood and why it’s worth spending the extra money. Other appliances like built-in coffee machines were also discussed in the episode. Rob also shared the latest kitchen appliances to look out for

17 – Episode 55: Kitchen Design Essentials- Handles and Hardware

Frances talked about how handles and hardware affects your kitchen’s design and functionality.  She also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of handles and knobs, material considerations such as shapes, sizes and types (leather, timber, metal finishes).  Lastly, she touched on the different types of cabinetry internal hardware like runners and other proprietary systems.

18 – Episode 57: Kitchen Design Essentials – How to Choose Kitchen Colours

In this episode of the Kitchen Design Essentials Season, Frances chats through how to choose colours for your kitchen. When choosing for your colour scheme, floors would be a good starting point, as well as your leading material (I.e splashback). Most importantly, Frances said that continuity and flow is essential in your design, so make sure that you are using the same tones, whether they are cool or warm colours throughout the home

19 – Episode 59: Kitchen Design Essentials – Kitchen Lighting

Frances ran through the different types of kitchen lighting- task, ambient and decorative lighting and how you can incorporate all of it into your kitchen. She also opposed only using downlights in the kitchen and suggested different combinations of light sources to be able to dial your lighting up or down accordingly.


20 – Episode 61: Kitchen Design Essentials – Budgeting

Frances walked us through creating budgets. She outlined what needs to be considered and items that should go into it. She also ran through what you can expect to be able to do at certain budget levels ($5,000 vs $20,000 vs $40,000 vs $80,000 budget). And once again, she put emphasis on undercapitalising being an issue when  not using the space to its optimum

21- Episode 62: Kitchen Design Essentials – Outdoor Kitchens

The final episode of the season talked about the growing popularity of Outdoor Kitchen.   She ran through the different types of suitable materials and options Lastly, she talked about the location for your outdoor kitchen- separate to the house or added as an extension to your home.


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