Episode 66: A Guest Room – Do you need one?

In this episode of the podcast, Frances runs through criteria for assessing if a spare.guest room is something you really need, or whether it’s a nice to have. She provides examples of how rooms can be multi-functional – using her own home as an example. She highlights ways to incorporate having guests stay, without giving up on regularly used valuable space in the home. A very down to earth look at rooms that are rarely used.


Spare room mentality

Sometimes homeowners add an additional room that essentially becomes a spare rooms, but it could be at the cost of good open plan living, or flexibility. Spare rooms have so much potential, but these functionality is often overlooked and are left unused for large periods of time.

Here’s things to consider before adding one;

  • Cost to build – every square metre adds to the overall cost
  • Maintenance
  • Cost and or time to keep clean
  • Cost for the energy- heat or cooling
  • Environmental cost of adding rooms and making your home larger

Spare rooms are often unused real estate in the home that could be put to better use. It would be a waste to have it solely set up with one purpose, if rarely used (i.e home cinema arrangement).

A spare guest room really is a luxury as it’s dedicated extra space for a guest, but not having a guest room doesn’t mean can’t host guests!

  • Consider having kids bunk in together when families come to stay
  • Adults can stay on a sofa bed
  • Kids can move into one room so their bed and room can be used for adults.

How Frances designed her spare room

  • Frances designed her spare room with multipurpose and flexibility in mind. She set an intention on how Her family were going to use the spare room
  • Initially for their au pair who needed a room
  • Grandparents who frequently would stay
  • Playroom for lego
  • Office for her husand, but still had access to use it as a guest room.
  • Teenage retreat
    • Had doors for privacy and noise, was slightly larger and located at the other end of the house

Guest Room Assessment

  • How often do people stay at your home overnight?
  • How long do they stay for?
  • Can another room be converted for when people stay?
    • Adding a pull down bed
    • Sofa bed in the study
    • Playroom that has built in daybeds
    • Second living room
  • Would the space/room be better utilised as something else instead that serves you and your family much more?
  • Think about flexibility and avoid having a room set aside for one purpose. It’s a waste and a spare room could be considered a luxury.
  • If you have people stay frequently and for long periods, it could be a necessity, but then it’s also well used.

If you’ve got a spare room that can be used for multiple things like Frances did with hers, then that’s a room that’s going to be well utilized and is inherently both flexible and adaptable.


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