Episode 68: 2020, Covid and 2021

Frances reveals many personal aspects in this podcast episode. She outlines the silver linings that occurred for her during hard lockdown in Melbourne due to Covid 19, and the effect it’s had on her life and her studio. A very personal story. 

For those renovating or building on 2021, she outlines a myriad of free resources available to boost your knowledge over the holiday season, in preparation for 2021. Finally, she also outlines plans for 2021, to assist her community (you) even more. 


Silver Lining to Covid-19 

When Melbourne went to a hard lockdown, Frances found silver linings amidst the Covid 19 pandemic. It normalised remote work and what that might mean for the team. She got to remote working with team members working from home. It gave her insight into the possibilities available on a larger scale. Ultimately, it meant that when a key team member moved interstate, the option to remain working in the team was there, with both parties wanting it to work.  

With process and systems in place, Frances and her team were able to continue serving their clients remotely. For instance, showing the specifications through video allows clients to view the material specification in their own time and the opportunity to talk about it together as a family. This process allows Frances and her team to serve lots of different clients in lots of different ways.  

Having 4 months in hard lockdown allowed Frances to slow down and figure out what really mattered to her. It enabled her to take some rest each weekend, and start engraining new routines to slow down into her life. Every Saturday she would read the newspaper (along with a cheeky snooze) and stopped feeling guilty about it. She also developed good connections with friends, with a daily morning walk, engraining new routines that started in lockdown, and maintaining those post lockdown. 


Are you thinking about renovation or new build in 2021 

Frances outlines are stack of free resources available to you to update and increase your knowledge over the holiday period. Head to the resource section of the website to find links to the podcast, blogs, publication articles and case studies. And if you’ve got a Kitchen on your radar in 2021, listen to the  Kitchen Design Essential Podcast

The Beautiful Kitchen Design Made Easy online course is also a way to upskill your knowledge specifically around kitchen design. Frances has also contributed to many publication articles. Visit the Media section of the website to read these. 

To give you an idea of other people’s journey’s through a build and renovation process, check out our case study here. And don’t forget, the Your Forever Home Book is available from our website. The first 3 chapters are available for FREE here [add link to lead magnet)It is a must-read before you embark on your own build or renovation.    

There’s also an area in the website for frequently asked questions and the option to Book a Chat [add link] for a chat with Frances directly. .  

Plans for 2021 

On Thursday, 28th January, Frances will be launching a brand new podcast season- Bathroom Design Essentials. She will cover topics such as material selection, design solutions, bathroom schemes and storage and much more! 

Also, there will be a calendar of events next year with in-person events making a comeback, along with webinars. Check out the calendar of events to find out what’s coming up soon. 

Studio Update 

The White Pebble Interiors studio will be closed 23rd December until 13th January inclusive. Reopening on Thursday the 14th January 2021. 

Book a Chat 

If you’re thinking about renovating or creating a new bathroom, Frances would love to hear from you. You can contact Frances by booking a 15 minute chat with her.    

Your Forever Home Book – FREE Access 

Access the first three chapters of the ‘Your Forever Home’ book, a practical and helpful guide to gain insights on how to create a home that will suit your needs for the long term. Get FREE instant access here.

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