Episode 69: Bathroom Design Essentials – Season Overview

In this episode of the brand new season, Bathroom Design Essentials, Frances outlines core considerations to think about when renovating or creating a brand new bathroom as part of a new build. She runs through the topics that will be covered in the season along with who will benefit from tuning in to each episode.



Renovating or creating a new bathroom can become quite overwhelming, time-consuming and costly.  In this Podcast Season Bathroom Design Essentials, Frances will discuss key considerations to think about when renovating or creating a new bathroom.  

The Bathroom Design Essentials Podcast Season is created for those who are: 

  • Thinking of, or in the process of doing a bathroom renovation 
  • Creating a brand-new bathroom from scratch for new home 
  • Looking at doing bathroom makeover 
  • Interested in bathroom design 
  • Wanting lots of knowledge to plan for your bathroom in the future. 

Guests on the show 

Experts from all areas such as material manufacturerslighting designers, and hardware representatives, will be joining Frances to share their insight and expertise on various topicsFabieli Fontana will be coming back in the new season to talk about bathroom floor plans. We will also have a representative from Reece to discuss taps, basins, baths and loos.  Frances will also include a special buyer’s guide on choosing toilets and baths as they are the area that people ask a lot of questions about.  

What the season will cover: 

  • Vanities and materials  
  • Counter Basins 
  • Different types of tiles 
  • Colours and Decorating 
  • Bathroom Storage
  • Bathroom Floorplans 
  • Balance between functionality and aesthetic 
  • Showers –stepping shower, wet rooms and shower base 
  • Budget 
  • Powder rooms 
  • Lighting  
  • Difference between custom made joinery and off the shelf vanities. 

Frances will cover topics such as vanities and sizes.  She will also talk about the disadvantages and advantages of having above counter basins versus under mounted.  

She will also run through the different types of tiles such as porcelain t and ceramic tiles 

Frances will cover the all-encompassing topic of storage to make sure that there’s a perfect balance between functionality and the aesthetic.  

She will also cover off regulations you need to consider for wet areas such as a bathroom.  

There will also be a very special episode dedicated just to Powder Rooms!  

Decorating and choosing colours can be fun, and Frances will outline key considerations when selecting colours, as well and how to decorate your bathroom. 

Finally, Frances will discuss the importance of good task lighting, decorative lighting and how lighting can make your bathroom, powder room and en suite into something special from a design perspective. 

There are so many elements to good bathroom design. Join Frances each week as she runs through a different topic each week to ensure you have your bathroom design well and truly covered. 

Services Available: 

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  • Worried about making costly mistakes?

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