Episode 70: Bathroom Design Essentials- Bathroom Layouts

In this episode of the podcast, Frances is joined by guest Fabieli Fontana, Senior Interior Designer at White Pebble Interiors. They discuss some key considerations to think about, such as privacy and windows, when designing your bathroom, along with thinking about flow and space planning. They cover some key mistakes they have seen people make, and how to not make the same mistakes yourself. 


Not assessing what you need in a bathroom before the building stage is one of the biggest bathroom layout mistake that people make As a result, there won’t be enough space between zones.  

Layout Considerations 

Avoid door opening to face the toilet – When you are opening the door, you want to have a peaceful and nice view of a beautiful bath or a vanity. When designing the bathroom, Frances and her team will try to tuck the toilet away, so it is not on full view, it is aesthetically pleasing, and it gives more privacy.  

Key Measurements It’s also important to consider the standard dimensions when designing a bathroom. For instance, the toilet ideally needs a space of 900mm for comfort. Some client prefers a larger space, but White Pebble Interior team always start on a standard measurement and refer client preferences. A whole episode on ideal measurements will be covered in an upcoming episode. 

Avoid a toilet in the main family bathroom – Frances and her team always suggest to remove the loo from the main family bathroom to create more flexibility for those using the spaces. It makes your life so much easier for multiple people trying to use the bathroom and the toilet at the same time.  

Separate Powder room is good planning for the future.  A separate toilet (powder room) can also double up as an additional space for when you have multiple children getting ready at the same time. Having a vanity with storage is always a good idea for extra prep areas.  

Which way the door swings open- Consider the swing of the door and the what it opens onto. To toilet, shower, vanity. How does it affect access?  Space is critical in a bathroom layout, so you may need to consider having a sliding door. One thing to consider on having a sliding door is it does not seal as tightly as a hinged door.   

Window Placement in the Bathroom– Windows have significant impact on bathroom layout. For instance, having a window behind the vanity would cause an issue with storage as it’s difficult to place a shaver mirror above the vanity Sometimes windows are not even aligned with the vanity, affecting the balance of how the room looks and feels.  

Shower niches– Think about locations of shower niches and their ease if installation. Solid brick exterior walls can be a problem! You need to make sure they are in the right location so they are not conflicting with taps and pipe works.  

En suite Bathroom Ensure the ensuite is closed off from the bedroom rather than open plan so it mitigates the noise, light and creates privacy. A closed ensuite also prevents hot steam that can get into the master bedroom, and walk in robe.

 Accessibility- Critical to consider so spaces are planned with accessibility in mind. Ease of access to the shower, vanity, and toilet, with space in between to get around and minimal corners to navigate. A step in shower and flat floor surfaces (no lips), so nothing to trip on  

An accessible bathroom should also be designed to accommodate wheelchair usersIt should also have a large turning circle  

How White Pebble Interiors work with clients in designing their bathrooms. 

Bathroom and Ensuite Deep Dive Needs Assessment 

Allows White Pebble Interiors to assess what the client needs in their bathroom and ensuite before designing it. 

  • How many people are using the bathroom?  
  • How much storage is needed? 
  • How do things need to be stored? 
  • What other considerations that are personalised to your situation. 

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