Episode 71: Bathroom Design Essentials – Bathroom Storage

In this episode of the Bathroom Design Essentials Season, Frances outlines why starting with your storage requirements is critical to getting your bathroom designed properly. She outlines the main storage solutions available and what solutions are better for storing certain items. 

Frances outlines how functionality is critical in a bathroom, as the space can be tight, and without adequate storage through good design, will lead to frustration and space not working as you need it to. 


Storage is critical for bathrooms particularly with family bathrooms and en suites. Your bathroom needs to be functional considering the number of people using the space. 

How much storage you need? 

  • Identify and assess your needs to determine your bathroom storage 
  • What needs to be stored? 
  • The height of items 
  • Think about how you want the space to function  
  • What things you need to store and where you would ideally like to store them 
  • Bathroom Appliances- i.e Hairdryer 
  • Haircare 
  • Makeup 
  • Shaving Items 
  • Hair Accessories  
  • Towels 

Types of Storage 

  • Having a storage at eye-level is the most ideal scenario as it is easily accessible 

Shaving cabinets that are placed on the wall, so you can see things easily. It is the most usable and workable storage that allows you to store little items too. You can add shelf caddies to store lipsticks and makeup brushes for example. 

  • Adding power points inside the shaving cabinet a great idea because it allows you to get everything off the benchtop such as shavers and, toothbrushes  
  • Shaving cabinet recessed into the wall– This allows for a flush finish so the cabinet intrudes less into space and makes for a more seamless finish. Adjustable shelves inside the shaving cabinet– Fantastic for customing the internal space around what you need to store in them. Round shaving cabinets These are a beautiful aesthetic, although are more expensive than standard regular cabinets  
  • Vanities – are great for storing things that are not easy so easily stored overhead, or will not fit, such as a hairdryer, hairtongs.  Vanities that have a combination of cupboards and drawers work well. 
  • If you can, add a vanity in the main family powder it’s ideal for families that have children, to give them a separate space to get ready (faster and less arguments) 
  • Drawers- excellent for easy access to items. I normally advise; Bank of drawers for him and her (if have a big enough vanity) 
  • Ensure drawers deep enough for what you need to store 
  • Right size:- height and depth 


  • Floating shelves along the length of the bath can look lovely 
  • Open shelves in a vanity– can break up a long vanity and it can be used for decorating by adding towels. Shells and plants to break it all up. 
  • Shelf in the shower – would avoid this if possible as a niche is much nicer. Lovely aesthetic to have a shelf underneath the shaving cabinet. It can serve as a feature shelf by adding plants, a candle, perfume bottles or frequently used itemsShower niches 
  • niche recessed in the wall in the shower to store soap, shampoo, face wash etc. 
  • More streamlined look than a mounted shelf. 
  • Provides essential shower storage without protruding into the shower space  
  • Needs to be designed properly to avoid water pooling in it 

Your bathroom needs to function first. Remember that it is a space you constantly use. It needs to look beautiful, but it needs to function. Iit’s not properly designedyou’re not going to be able to utilise  it as you need to, which only leads to frustration. So make sure you put the time in to assess your functionality requirements  

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