Episode 79: Bathroom Design Essentials – Choosing your Toilet

In this episode of the Bathroom Design Essentials Season, Frances welcomes back Cathryn Matchett and Trisha Narde from Reece Bathroom Life. Together they discuss all there is to know about choosing the right toilet. There is a lot more the buying a toilet than you may think, like height, pan type, rimless design and self cleaning. There is plenty to learn in this episode so you can select a toilet that will be right for your home.



Different types of toilets

Back to Wall 

The cistern is hard up against the wall. It’s easy to clean 

  • Close-coupled toilet- Old fashioned style of back-to-wall toilet. cost-effective style where the cistern sits on top. You can choose to have an over height pan or a standard height pan.   
  • Standard height pan- sits 400 mil off the floor.  
  • Over height pan sits between- 425- 450 mil off the floor, depending on the brand. It is ideal for tall people or those who have mobility issues. It does cost a bit more because there are more materials involved in the manufacturing process 

Rimless Toilet  

A toilet without a box room. It has a direct flush technique that shoots water around the edge of a smooth pan. As there is no rim, rimless toilets are easy to clean and more hygienic than a traditional toilet.  The range of price points is reasonable.  

Smart Toilet  

Similar to rimless toilets, smart toilets are easy to clean and more hygienic. It has a built-in spray in the toilet seat which will wash and dry for you. You can control everything with a remote – including water pressure, temperature and the position of the wand for self-cleaning.  

Wall Cisterns 

The water tank that flushes the toilet is hidden so you only see the toilet pan at the cistern. Ideal for small bathroom spaces.  

Be mindful that it doesn’t work with every stud wall. If you have a brick wall, you will need to create another wall inside.  

With hidden cistern, you can choose either a floating pan or one that sits on the floor.  

Something else to consider is the colour of the flush button as colours are limited  A lot of clients prefer to use white as it blends in with the wall tiles.  

Flush plates are sensor operated. To access the flush mechanism, you may wish to install an access panel for ease. This will allow you to access a few of the movable parts inside the cistern. 

Good Quality Toilet

Key considerations: 

  • Type of materials   
  • A clear  coat on top of the ceramic 
  • Design features– I.e Roberto Columba and Patricia Urquiola 
  • Design Component– beautifully designed products will cost more 
  • Cost effective  options can sometimes have an inferior flush mechanism 

Recommended Brand 

  • Geberit from Switzerland 
  • 15-year warranty 
  • One molded piece in the system 
  • A lot smoother and more comfortable 

Coloured Toilets  

Coloured toilets are making their way into the Australian market so keep an eye out for them 

When choosing toilets, it’s important to visit showrooms and actually sit on them. You can’t possibly know if it’s going to be comfortable unless you sit on it! 

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