Episode 81: Bathroom Design Essentials – All there is the know about Baths

Not sure how to choose the right bath? Then this is the episode for you. Cathryn Matchett and Trisha Narde are back from Reece Bathroom Life to chat with Frances about all things baths. They discuss the different bath finishes, along with key considerations for free standing baths, opposed to hob or inset baths. Why choose one bath type over anotherbuying criteria and how you actually go about choosing the right bath for you. There is plenty to learn from this episode. 


Different Types of Baths

Freestanding Baths 

  • Back to wall these are freestanding baths attached to the wall. One advantage is rather than needing to clean all the way around the bath, you just need to clean the sides and front. Plus, it’s ideal for smaller spaces.  
  • Back to corner- great choice when you need to save some space.   

Hob/ Inset Bath 

  • A bath that is installed in a hob.  
  • Most of them are flat-rimmed. 
  • An advantage is that you can install flushing all the way around which gives you protection against water runoff.  

Types of finishes available and advantages of each

Cast Iron- also known as pressed steel. There are different quality options available for this type of finish.  


  • Can be reenameled and repaired easily 
  • Stronger and more premium than acrylic baths 
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Retains heat 

NB Kaldewei is a German manufacturer producing pressed steel that is stain resistant, scratch resistant and UV resistant. They also offer a 30 year warranty.  

Acrylic- This material has improved a lot over the last 10-15 years and is now manufactured using sanitary grade acrylic, which prevents the material from turning yellow. 


  • Lightweight- can be transported easily. 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Can be molded into different shapes and sizes. 

Solid Surface- A lot of freestanding baths are made from solid surface. This material is similar to stone, where minerals are crushed and mixed with resin.  


  • Non-porous and dense 
  • Indestructible  
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Easy to clean.  


  • The material is very heavy and needs extra support on the floor 

Limestone Bath– A luxury and beautiful material.  


  • It retains more heat than any other material 
  • A premium looking product 

Buying Criteria and Consideration

  • Size – what size works best for the size of the bathroom 
  • Shape – different shapes for different looks I.e. Egg-shaped 
  • Comfortability – when visiting a showroom, it is a must to hop into the bath and give it a try before buying. 
  • Style and design – what look and feel do you want for your bathroom 
  • Shower bath- The bath needs to have both a flat end and an inclined end so that you can either soak in it as a bath or be able to stand under the shower. 
  • Durability 

Price points

  • An inset bath made with acrylic material – estimated price: $450  
  • A pressed steel bath – estimated price: $1600-$1700 
  • Back to wall or corner baths (depending on the material); 
  • Acrylic – estimated price: $1800 
  • Solid surface- estimated price: $3600 
  • Luxury Limestone – rangefrom $5,000- $6,000


  • Acrylic materials are safe option for baths  
  • Solid surface has high integrity 
  • Be mindful of materials manufactured using lots of resins as they are more likely to turn yellow.  
  • It is well worth investing ia surface that is not susceptible to scratching. 


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