Episode 84: Bathroom Design Essentials – Showroom Vanities

Frances is joined again by Cathryn Matchettand Trisha Narde from Reece Bathroom Life, to discuss the options available for showroom vanities. They also outline some of the comparisons with customised vanities, and why one would be better suited over another.


Showroom Vanity Vs Customised Vanities

Showroom vanities are the vanities that are on display at stores. It allows you to see and know exactly what vanity you are buying.  

Custom vanities are bespoke and designed based on your needs, and preference   for materials, finishes and sizes. 



  • Designer vanities  (i.e Zustertypically start at $1,500 metre  
  • With other brands, a typical 1,200cm long vanity would cost $2,5000-2,800 which already includes the top and the vanity in any finish options. 
  • Vanities with ceramic top(1200cm) long start at $1,600 

Good Quality Criteria 

  • For cabinetry, laminate is a basic option and looks natural, however if you want a better quality finishZuster would be a good brand to consider 
  • It contains elements of real timber 
  • The quality of material is supreme- drawer runners and hardwares 
  • Natural timbers- as long as they are sealed correctly and have been properly treated, they can work in a bathroom 
  • Fully extendable drawer runners – they maximise functionality as  they allow greater  access  in the drawer 
  • A lifetime guarantee on drawer runners and hardware 

Vanity Trends 

  • Timber vanities  – both light and dark options add warmth to the room 
  • Vertical group vanities – they have more depth, texture and personality and are ideal for beach houses.  
  • Curved vanities– aesthetically they are softer and more practical because they don’t have sharp corners.  
  • Fully hung vanities – they create the illusion of space in the bathroom and are ideal for small bathrooms.  
  • Above counter basins – visually they add so much more to the space 


  • This is a design element that needs to be considered when choosing a vanity as they can be used as a feature 
  • There are a variety of colours to choose from – including chrome, black, brushed nickel, gold  etc.  
  • They can be personalised based on your style 
  • If handles are customisedthey will typically take between 4-10 weeks from date of order 

Australian Manufacturer 

All vanities sold in Reece stores are manufactured in Australia.


Showroom vanities come with 10-year warranties. 

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