Episode 86: Bathroom Design Essentials – The Importance of Internal Elevations

Frances is super passionate about this topic, and it clearly shows in this episode of Bathroom Design Essentials. Frances outlines the importance of internal elevations so you can create a well designed bathroom that allows you to be involved in the design process, make informed decisions, and mitigate expensive mistakes. Internal elevations also provide the builder with details of exactly what they are building, along with providing the opportunity for a more accurate quote.


What is an Internal Elevation?

  • Unlike a floorplan which gives you an aerial view of your design, an internal elevation drawing allows you to see the design “front on”. 
  • It will help you to avoid mistakes on site and allow you to have fixed price quoting 
  • It also has a big impact on your overall design as it helps you to map out the layout of the space.  

Why do you need Internal Elevations?

  • Not having them is similar to instructing your builder to navigate without a map. 
  • It can lead to expensive mistakes and design disappointments that could have been avoided. 
  • You might miss the opportunity to get the design right.  

Cabinetry Drawings versus Internal Elevations

Some people get confused between cabinetry drawings and internal elevations.  The main difference is cabinetry drawings show “joinery only’ and nothing else, whereas internal elevations show you the whole wall set upfront. Allowing for a better “overall” design view. How does having an Internal Elevation for your bathroom help?  

  • It allows you to view your bathroom design front on rather than an aerial view. 
  • It gives you detail of your bathroom design which instructs your builder what he needs to do, including: 
  • joinery design (drawers, doors, heights, benchtop thickness) 
  • tile size and location  
  • placement of taps (wall, bench, or basin mounted) and shower (ceiling or wall-mounted) 
  • placement of towel rails and toilet roll holders 
  • shower niche placement, size, and finish 
  • powerpoints, mirror and cabinet placements 
  • shower screen type, length, and height 
  • Allows you to understand how the proposed spaces and rooms will look. 
  • Helps assist you with decision making by letting you actualise visualise the location of vanities, windows, doors and powerpoints  
  • By knowing the position of all the critical items in the room, you are able to make other dependent decisions Eg. wall finishes, the extent of tiling around a bath, sink or window. 
  • Far too often, we see people with only floorplans showing the aerial view of their cabinetry layout, or internal elevations with minimal design detail which opens up so much room for error, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding about expectations on the final outcome. 
  • It’s a cost to get it wrong, so having an internal elevation is a key factor in mitigating mistakes, both before and once you start building. 

Much of the design thinking is done at floor plan stage, and critical thinking about functionality and space planning happens with the drawings. This is where interior designers can really show their value around creating spaces that work!

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