Episode 87: Bathroom Design Essentials – Bathroom Decorating

In this episode of Your Forever Home, Frances outlines several decorating tips on how to create a warm and inviting bathroom. She offers plenty of insight and advice to allow you to make the finishing touches to your bathroom to create a space you can be proud of. There’s nothing worse than a sparse bathroom with no soul, so this episode will give you the confidence to try her creative and insightful ideas. From plants, towels and mirrors, to artwork, stools and baskets – there’s plenty to experiment with to make your bathroom a haven!



Adding plants is a number one rule of thumb in decorating across the entire home. In a bathroom, plants add a beautiful lease of life. They generate oxygen and add an instant “lived in” feeling and a sense of calm.  Most plants thrive in bathrooms because of the high humidity and moisture.  


  • Add a trailing pot like a devil’s ivy on window sills, shelves or shower niche 
  • Put plants on plant stands as they add height to a corner 
  • Hanging plants from the ceiling 
  • Pop a small plant on your vanity 

Plants to try: 

  • Devil’s Ivy 
  • Orchid- to add a little bit of colour 
  • Chain of hearts 
  • Spider plants- you can hang them as they drape beautifully 
  • Air plants 


Towels are a fantastic way to inject texture, pattern and colour into the space. It can also reflect your mood or serve as a seasonal décor. Keep in mind, try to marry the colours of the towels with the tone of the bathroom- I.e cool or warm tones.  


A painted wall is an ideal location for hanging artwork. Try leaving a wall free of tiles to allow for hanging artwork. It adds personality and unique touch to the space. 


  • Artwork from travels  
  • A piece of artwork that makes you feel relaxed and calm 
  • Artwork with your favourite colours 


  • Shaving cabinets come in a variety of different shapes which can add to the aesthetic and also give additional storage space.  
  • In a powder room where storage requirements are not as necessary, opt for a decorative mirror 
  • Framed mirrors can add an element of design.  
  • Opt for organic shapes such as oval or round as they can break up all the rectangles in the space. It’s also softer and more visually appealing.  


Baskets always make a space feel homey and inviting. They can be purely decorative or can be an added storage option.  

  • You can use a basket for many things, including somewhere to store your
    • Plants  
    • Towels  
    • Toilet rolls


  • Can be placed in the corner, by the bath, or even in the shower. 
  • Used as a side table when in the bath 
  • You can place a plant on it 

I love vintage timber stools as it adds character and texture to the space!  

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