Episode 11: Specialists for Your Forever Home

There are a number of specialists required to make your Forever Home a reality.

In this episode, Frances outlines key specialists she believes make a big difference to the overall outcome for your home. Engaged early on, each one is able to add their expertise to the project, and work together, rather than in silos. Ultimately, they add massive value to your overall Forever Home Master Plan.


Architect and/or Draftsman
An architect designs the concept for the home, including the building envelope and floorplans. All structural requirements are part of the architect’s remit.

A draftsman prepares structural technical drawings and is also able to draft floorplans and the building envelope, however comes with less design training. Choosing who will suit your project more is a personal decision and often comes down to referrals, expertise and exactly what’s required for your home.

Engaging with a landscaper early on means you have your whole site considered, not just the home itself. Landscapers provide the plan for your external zones including entertaining areas, garden and pool. It makes sense that the landscaper is involved early on so that the flow to the outdoors and the way the outdoors is in tune and relates to the indoors is taken into consideration at floor plan stage, so nothing is missed. You don’t necessarily need to have the plan executed until later, but at least having a plan ensures nothing is left out or forgotten.

Interior Designer
An interior designer will look all internal areas of your home for functionality, flow, durability, and aesthetics. Hiring them early on can help you avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but can increase the value of your home. An interior designer will get into the ‘nitty gritty’ and details of space planning, too. They will review space planning, flow and create a furniture layouts for each room to ensure windows are in the right location for your interior layout, and that key furniture pieces will fit where you want it to go. Interior designers also recommend and select all the materials, fittings and fixtures for the home ensuring continuity, flow and correct proportions. The alleviates stress, overwhelm and makes the process quicker and easier.

Sustainability Expert
Sustainability experts often work closely with the passive house principles, ensuring you maximise the energy efficiency of your home They review plans early ono recommend products that are going to make your home more energy efficient, and sustainable.

Make a list of the important elements for you, as this will assist you in finding the right team of people to design your home. Ask friends or family about experts they’re engaged for their home. A personal referral is a great place to start.

Available Services:
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