How to Decide the right Splashback for your Kitchen

Adding a splashback is a great way to make a statement and inject some of what you love into your kitchen. A splashback is a great opportunity to inject, colour, shape or texture to differentiate your kitchen and make it a reflection of what you love. 

splashback does much more than protecting your walls. It can be the design lead of your kitchen, by you designing your entire kitchen around a splashback that you love, whether it’s the color, style or shape! 

Different Splashback Options


Any reconstituted stone such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Essa Stone or Smartstone are bound by resin, so cannot be used as a splashback with a gas cooktop, because of the naked flame. However, it’s perfect with an induction or electric cooktop. It’s super easy to clean ,and provides a streamlined continuous look with your benchtop. 

If you have a gas cook top, natural stone is suitable, because it has no polymers or resin 

Porcelain/ Dekton

A similar aesthetic to stone, porcelain or Dekton can create a seamless look by wrapping your stone benchtop up the wall as a splashback. The advantage with porcelain or Dekton is that both are fire-resistant, so it’s possible to use with a gas cooktop aswell as induction.  

Image: Dekton Trillium by Cosentino


Glass was a popular splashback material in the 90’s, but is not as popular as it was. 

It’s certainly not the most cost effective option. There is no flexibility on site either, so you need to know exactly when your powerpoints are going as cutouts are made off-site.  

Just like any other glass, it needs to be cleaned regularly and may look streaky when light hits it.  

Image: Dekton Trillium by Cosentino

Another thing is that glass has a green tint to it so everything behind the glass will change color slightly. 

I personally feel that with so many other options available it’s a little bit sterile and bland aesthetically, so I would suggest to explore other options. 


Mirror is a sophisticated choice and looks amazingIt’s ideal for smaller kitchens as it creates an illusion of space. It also reflects light and is very sleek and elegant. Just like glass, it needs regular cleaning to keep it looking good.  



Window splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. With gorgeous landscaping to look at, it brings the outdoors in, and creates for a stunning view. Be mindful that it will need daily cleaning, especially if it is behind the stovetop. 



Tiles is my personal favourite. It is a fantastic way of injecting some colour, texture and shape into the sapcewhich adds so much personality to your kitchenYou generally only need a small number of tiles for splashback, so you be a bit more generous with the budget, but also for a super ‘Wow’ factor. There are so many amazing and stunning tiles available, you really are spoilt for choice.


One pushback we get from clients about tiles is the belief that the grout will be a cleaning issue.  A spray sealant will do the trick, or using epoxy grout, which is pre-sealed.  


Metaline by Laminex is ideal for people who are doing a kitchen makeover, and don’t want to rip out the existing splashback. It is slightly reflective and has a metallic finish and at only 3mm thick it can be applied directly over existing tiles or glass, and can be installed by a cabinet maker onsiteIt’s easy to install and cost-effective.  

Image: Metaline by Laminex

splashback is a great way to inject a colour, texture or shape into your kitchen. Have fun with it, and make your kitchen your own!  

There are so many options for splashbacks, sometimes trying to decide what is the best for your kitchen can be overwhelming. If you need assistance on what materials to select, what colours will co-ordinate together, what design is going to best suit the space and your requirements take a look at our Kitchen Bliss Package.  

We offer kitchen design packages that include joinery design and material selections for a complete kitchen design. Click the link here to find more. 

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